10- Harper joins the family

Your up early. “My water just broke.” You seem very calm about this. “Well you know me I don’t want to wake the guests.” What about George? “What about George?” Your going to… Continue reading

9- Love is in the air

“One more shot and I win a prize.” Hmm I wonder what kind of prize.   “Hi there George have you seen Rose lately she’s getting pretty big.” George looks off at the… Continue reading

8- A short stay guest!!!

Archer I can’t believe it your in the hot tub clothed… has CeeCee’s death affected you so profoundly? Snow giggles with a devious look in his eyes. You look like your up to… Continue reading

7- A tragedy in the family

“It felt so far away when I wrote this.” Are you in a better mood this morning George?  Hang on what?  – Looks at title of book- 1984! “But I’m not wrong big… Continue reading

6- What the? How? When?

I wondered where you got to whilst CeeCee was keeping your daughter up all night.  …. So what’s so important? -Looks over Calvin’s shoulder- Seriously local restaurant reviews! Couldn’t sleep Snow? “Die! Die! Die!” comes… Continue reading

5- Parenting lessons?

A new day and the same look from Liv.  Are you my mommy? “Lets get you some of Rose’s strawberry oatmeal.”  Liv giggles all happy. Seriously how does Arya know you better than… Continue reading

4- The best things

“Hey there baby, were you coming to find me for some fun?” “Uhhh what?” Your not seriously hitting on a married man are you Arya? “I don’t understand you weren’t coming to find… Continue reading

3- A bubble high

“Hey Rose have you seen my impression of CeeCee?” “No but I have an impression for Snow.” “Maybe if I smiled more, maybe if I changed my hair colour.  They would be able… Continue reading

Chance Andrews – Poll closed

Hi there guys so CeeCee and Calvin are terrible parents.  I really had high hopes for them but the other guests take better care of Liv than they do.  As a result of… Continue reading

Rose’s potential son – Poll closed

I’m thinking of two possible scenarios for Rose’s future.  One is that she is left to take care of Liv full time due to her incompetent parents (they are going to get worse in updates,… Continue reading