Used Mods/Links

I’ve had a few people ask me where I get stuff so here is a list of the mods I use with a direct link to their site.

Most importantly none of them are made by me but they are used on the sims in my stories.  I don’t own them and as a result any redistribution is by sim only not by direct methods.

The mods used are all made by Twallan they include:

Master Controller incl Cheats and Integration modules

Story Progression incl Expanded and Extra modules

Portrait Panel


Debug Enabler


I also have a few skins downloaded, these are:




I have a huge amount of hairs in my mods folders, the sites they have come from are here:

Anubis360 (almost all of my hairs are from here.  I just love this site.)

Paysites.mustbedestroyed (there is a whole host of items here not just hairs, for the most part I only have hairs).  I haven’t linked it as it has been associated with EA accounts being banned.  I don’t know if the same can be said for WordPress.

Our newborns in the games have started wearing hats, they are found here.

I also use maternity wear from PoppySims.  As we all know the maternity wear in the game normally are lacking quite alot.  There is a bigger assortment of maternity clothing here.

I also have a few different kids outfits from SkySims (I was suprised by the sites name too considering our hero’s names).  There is a huge assortment of clothes here and I have just picked a few.  Not all the clothes show up properly as I don’t have the mesh’s if you know where to get the mesh from that would be greatly appreciated if you don’t please be warned you may have bodyless toddlers with some of these outfits.

The art in the Sims 3 is lacking so as a result thanks to LynnWood I have changed the EA art stuff to this. And on here I have downloaded a few pieces of art for the walls as well as some rugs.

I also frequent SimsVIP this is normally just an informative site for all things sims however the site owner has recently started posting up interesting mods out there.  This is how I found out about the angry bird the kids throw about.  I highly recommend it for all things Sims, but also more recently for interesting things to add to your game as all are tried and tested by the owner to make sure they work and don’t cause issues to anyone’s game.

Houston’s specific CC is the following:




Wings and ears (the link takes you to their main page then click magic/fantasy, and thats where the wings and ears I have in my collection are)

Fairy wings

Butterfly wings