Short Stay Guests

Here is your short term guest sheet. The one trait they must have is slob. If the way your sim acts if it’s not the same as their bio I can’t help that and will write them up as they are when they stay. They will also get a part time job to pay for their room if they are staying longer than a night. If they are staying a night I will keep them on the lot between 24-30 sim hours pretty much turning up in the afternoon and going the next afternoon. Same goes for two three or four day stays. Other than that donate away.  I will also take a picture of the sim for the short term stay page in front of the lake like the long term stay guests.

Short term guest information sheet 

Name as you want it in game/story:


Colour preference on short term stay page photo:

Length of stay:

Reason for stay (if specific, you know a meeting, guest spot in Moon’s film etc):

Short Bio: