19- You gotta love the kids

“So mirror last night was the most incredible night of my life.”

You did have a very odd night indeed.

“Aww my little boy I love you.”

He is adorable but he should be aging up soon.

“No I don’t want him to, I want him to stay at this age forever.”

You know that’s not possible Rose.

“I can dream right.”

Sure but one day soon he’s going to age up.  

“You are too adorable.”

Loving the Harper love today.

“So what do you want for your birthday?”


“You want a squirell, thats an odd request.”

“Quirell, quirell, quirell.”

“All right I get it you want a squirell, auntie Arya will see what she can do.”

You go home later shouldn’t you be with your husband?  Where is he anyway?

 Why can’t you two spend time together being all romantic and stuff, Garratt is not pleased with you two!

“So Arya you fancy meeting up later?”

“Sure Archer, where you thinking?”

“I don’t know I’ll come and find you.”

Painting again I see Chance, I really was hoping your crazy had come out to play.

“I’m sorry to see you two go, it’s been lovely having you.”

Yes please tell your friends but not about you two not showing any affection, thats not our fault.

“It’s been lovely and I love it here I wish you all the best Rose.”

We’re doing alright at the moment actually I think we may be able to afford a butler or a maid soon which will be a relief for Rose.

Fancy some Ice cream again Rose, I really meant to move that.

“You say these things Spider but you never do them.”

Don’t push me Rose or I won’t help you out.

“Help me how?”

Would you like a few more days off around this place?

“Who wouldn’t?”

You can afford a butler and or a maid now I was thinking of giving you more time off now the toddlers are about to be kids.

“Look at you little Liv, your so cute.”  Liv giggles, “What do you want for your birthday?”


“Oh dear I can’t get you that!”

And really she’s better off here without CeeCee she may realise that one day.

Thirsty there George?

“So the boy ages up soon.”

Rose delves into a book, “Yeah I really don’t want him to age up though, I know I will always miss him at this age.”

“He has to grow up Rose, how else will he go on to do amazing things.”

“What like write 1984 part 2.”


“I just don’t want him to get older I want him to stay like this forever.”

“I hope you don’t get your wish as I would love to see my son grow before the grim comes for me.”

Why would you deprive him of that Rose?  And also this is the first conversation you’ve had with George since Harper was born, really not fair to be like this.

“Some wishes don’t come true, unless the grim is coming soon you’ll see him grow up.”

We can’t wait out here, although I will miss him as the adorable toddler too.

“Snow comes home soon I hope he finds this appealing.  I really want to please him.”

You may want to hold off on the lingerie there Moon.

Cause Snow is sleeping on the bench outside too exhausted from the all nighter you both pulled.

Playing pool again I see George, I hope you get the trick shot your always after… yeah he didn’t.

I come running cause I hear Chance screaming.  I see Snow got you.  He’s gotten really good with those scary faces.

“So adorable little one.”  Harper giggles.

Lots of Harper and Liv love today I see.  I’m loving it.

“So what do you want for your birthday kiddo?”


“Not a problem for the most handsome man in the resort.”

Two squirells your mum isn’t going to like this.

“So your son ages up soon George.  What you going to do?”

“Well we can go upstairs and make another child if you want?”

“I’m sorry me and Archer are meeting up soon.”

You turned a man down Arya what is wrong with you?  Could you be growing?

“Then I asked her if she wanted to meet me upstairs and…”

Way to draw on real life for your stories there George, you worry me!