18- The unlikely couple

“I hear you go back tomorrow.”

“Yeah our two days are nearly over.”

Do I get a hint that your happy about that Archer, no more competition?

So Rose how you getting on?

“Alright I suppose I’m testing out a new recipe.”

Cool what is it?

“Yay it worked.”

Alright so again what is it?

“Tofu steak’s.”

Seriously everything is vegetarian here, Arya needs a trait change.

“You and your riddles Spider.”

Hang on if you’ve just made steak roll things why is George eating waffles?

“He likes waffles,” Rose says from the kitchen.

“Look at the adorable little girl.  I can’t wait to go home to my own kids tomorrow, they used to look as cute as her.”

I bet they did, I adore toddlers but this one ages up soon.

“Look at the adorable sleeping little girl.”

“Hey it’s my turn to look at her.”  Santi said behind Chance.

OK why is everyone obsessed with Liv all of a sudden?

“Wow this shot is great, I can’t wait till the new writer gets here and makes the script as good as the shots.”

Chapter 20 is when she gets here I’m sure of it Moon, so very soon.

“This skateboarding punk is really slow, come on.”

He’s only as good as the game makers made him sorry about that.  Hey I’ve got an idea, spend some time with your wife!

“Doesn’t she look happy, I would love to be stranded on a desert island.”

With your husband I hope.  Come on you two show some loving.  Its your honeymoon.

Oh hello what’s going on here?

“So Moon I have been thinking, what do you think about….”


“OH my,” Moon shrieks, “Flowers!!!”

OK do I want to know what’s with all the excitement?

“OH they smell great Snow, thank you.”

“I’m glad you like them Moon.”

What’s with the evil type grin there Snow, those flowers aren’t laced with poison or something are they?  You never hurt Moon so I hope not.

So Moon I’ve been thinking….”

Oh I don’t know if I like that.

“Yes Snow.”

I swear your lapping up his every word, oh Moon your maybe a little too desperate pull it back dear.

Yes!!!!!!  About time you two.

“I’m sorry I’ve been wrapped up in a Castaway life this last day or two hun, but I do still love you.”

“I love you too dear even if you love your castaway programme more than me.”

“At least I haven’t flirted with other women dear.”

She’s got you there Santi.

“Oh you are really cute and so smart, you adorable little thing you.”

Seriously Chance, there are like a million things to do here, and your with Liv, she’s cute but please let your crazy out.

Wow how did you two get here?

“Moon will you watch the stars with me?”

“Of course I will Snow.”

“Look there’s Cassiopeia there.”

“Oh yeah it’s beautiful.”

She really is, oh wait you don’t mean Houston’s Cassie.

Woah where has the evil face come from?  Why would you have that face now, after being all nice to Moon?

Ummmm, evil face a moment ago?  What on earth?

“Oh Snow you do love me.”

Maybe a bit too soon Moon he was looking all evil a moment ago!?!?!?

Moon jumps into Snow’s arms and has an oh my back look when she’s not looking.

Then of course he has a slightly happier look on him.

“Come here Moon lets give you a better kiss.”

And my lord they go straight into making out, what on earth is going on here?  I really don’t know what to make of it, I was all for you kissing before I saw the evil faces.

“Maybe I should write another book.”

Alright stop it now George you can’t be George Orwell so stop playing with me….. I love you really….  But come on!

You two really are cute together I’ll be sad for you two to go home especially as you finally started getting affectionate.

Are you two still at it?  Snow if you hurt her you better watch the sky for meteor’s cause she doesn’t deserve it.

“Oh Snow your such a wonderful man.  Thank you for tonight.”

“It’s alright dear.  I’d do anything for you.”

Now you look really happy she’s touching you, what is going through your head?

Look at those faces, come on you two are just too incredibly adorable, but you hurt her Snow and meteors are not out of question.

“I wonder what those pictures are of?”

That would be New York, you don’t know New York, its like Bridgeport just alot busier.

“I think I shall make a world like that my own when I find it.”

Thank goodness you can’t hear me then cause the real world doesn’t need a blue smurf like person being all evil and stuff.  We have enough of that already.

“I shall name it Moonland in the name of my love.”

Does that mean you really love her?  Your so confusing.

Authors note:  Very sorry for the delay in this post but I did find getting into Snow’s confusing head really quite difficult.  I shall try and write the next two chapters up soon so I can get them out a bit quicker.  I do need to get into game next week and get some more pictures so please bear with me whilst I get plenty more updates prepared.