17- Caught in the act

Ummm Santi please look behind you.

“I’m so going to get him, this will be the best scare in the world.”

Oh boy, Santi please turn around.

“What are you doing with my husband?”

“Nothing dear Marin we’re just having some fun.”

Yeah I wouldn’t believe that.

Snow what are you?!  Did you glitch?!


“Oh my you scared me half to death.”

How?  You can see him?

“I did it, such a great scare.”

“Dude my heart is in my hand here, why.”

Nevermind why, how?  Come on he’s stood in front of you and Snow come on worst scare ever!

“I’m really just that cool.”

“Alright dude it’s done now, my heart has stopped going nuts can I go about my day.”

“No I must revel in my diabolical plot.”

“Whatever man.”

Come on Snow that was bad, and I don’t mean scary keep away from Rose bad just a disaster.

“Right lets see if I can do a triple back flip today.”

Hey there Rose I’ve missed you.

“Is that cause I can hear you and the others can’t”


“So yes then.”

-says nothing-

“I did my best scare ever earlier.”

“Yeah I heard you had the guy eating his own heart.”

“I know cool right.”

Yeah not really how it happened, you bodged it up and you know you did.

“Anyway what’s the deal with you and Moon?”

“I don’t know I like her, of course I didn’t realise before the karaoke night but now I do.”

“You should do something about it Snow, see what happens.”

“What about you and Arya?”

“I never know what’s up with her, she was flirting with Santi yesterday.”

“Weren’t you flirting with Marin the day before?”


Yes you were, you just don’t remember it cause we had to redo the day a couple of times.

“I swear Archer has to stop breaking this stuff.”

That one was Marin actually, but seriously Archer’s not broken anything.

“Why are you so in love with Archer?”

He’s in a towel being odd and you ask me why I love him?  He is great but it’s not him.

“Stop trying to get others into trouble to save Archer.”

George shouldn’t you be asleep or breaking something?  Your getting very good at this pool thing 😀

You two are actually cute together, will we see you spend any time together you reckon?

Yay!!! Your teaching Harper to talk.

“Yep he’s been in need of teaching for a little while but you know me busy busy, cleaning up after Archer.”

It’s not Archer!  Oh whatever!

“He’s really bright, he’s pretty much getting it all straight away.”

“Oh mirror will Snow ever realise I really do like him?”

Oh I think he does, he’s there too Moon, he’s not sure what you think of him.  Give him some time.

“I gotta check the sink…  Alright it’s fine, it works…. Phew another potential disaster averted.”

Hmmm I don’t think it was a potential disaster at all…. Is it possible your starting to let your crazy come out and play?  We like that out here.

“So Santiago are we going to play the flirting game today?”

“No way I’ve told you I’m married.”

“And yet you walk around half naked.”

She’s got a point there actually Santi.

“Not an invatation.”

“Well I’m off to work then.”

Cool your trying out the ice cream maker, of course it’s been here since the blog started you know.

“I know but I’m always busy I never get time to me, I thought I’d treat myself.”

Woah!!!  Why are you disintergrating it in the fat fryer?

“Just watch?”

Watch what the house burn down?

“Who’s the level what now cook here?”

-Goes off to check- Level 8, nearly 9.  Hang on does this mean you believe the level thing?

“No but if your going to talk in riddles Spider than I’ll talk in riddles sometimes too.”

“See a ball of fried ice cream.”

Cool, how did you know it would do that?

“What does it matter it did it.”

You didn’t know did you?


How does it taste then?

“Pretty tasty actually, I may start serving it for dinner.”

And I may put the ice cream maker out here somewhere so the guests can make their own.

“You wouldn’t do that.”

Just watch me!

So how many guys does it to take to screw in a lightbulb, no wait how many guys does it take to feed a toddler, that’s it.

“Hey Santi have you seen my CeeCee impression?”

“Who’s CeeCee?”

“The kids mother, she’s dead now.”

“Oh right, here’s my mother in law impression.  She’s a crazy old bat.”

“What made her that way.”

“She decided to have 100 kids.”

Yep that will do it.

“I don’t know why I didn’t write more books really.”

Maybe cause in our history you died, kinda impossible to write after that. Unless you are you and you slipped through the time stream.

A romance I see, looks quite good, I’m sure Santi would be interested in some romance this weekend too.

“Alright what’s with you and Arya?”

“Nothing she keeps hitting on me, I never said yes.”

Not quite true you did tell her no then you started flirting with her.

“Look at you adorable little Liv.”

Yep George to the diaper rescue whilst you two talk about your women issues.  Love you George!