16- Friends or Enemies?

Harper you are just too cute.

“I always put the line in the wrong place, look at that big blue like going through the butterfly.”

Painting again I see Chance.  It does look nice though.

You are totally adorable too you know.  I’m looking forward to aging you up.

Are you seriously watching a big baboon thing on the cinema TV?  

Hmmm when did this booby trap happen?  I really hope Moon doesn’t get hurt by her precious Snow.

“Hey there new guy, how you doing?”

Arya he’s married! 

“You talking to me?”

“Well yeah your new and hot.”

“And totally married.”

“Hey it’s cool I didn’t know.”

“Do you just hit on any man in a certain radius.”

Actually I think she does Santiago.

“Chill out man, its cool.”

“So how are you doing, missy?”

Seriously?!?!?  You were just telling her off a second ago and now your flirting with her.  Totally not Arya’s fault this time.

“Your kidding right….”  Must think it over, “I’m doing good baby and you?”

Come on!!! 

“I still have it.”

“You used me.”  Arya gets a sad face on her.

Well you did try and pick him up first, the fact he wanted to get payback, I don’t know doesn’t seem completely out of order.

“Hey there George, any chance I can have one too?”

“Sure Archer, plenty of Nectar for everyone.”

There really is, theres tons of it downstairs in Rose’s personal quarters, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper turns out to be an alcoholic what with it all there for him at any time. 

“These set pics Moon sent me are pretty cool actually I can’t wait to see this film.”

“Hey your Marin right?”

“Yeah, and you are?”

“My name is regardless I have something to tell you.”  Snow moves in closer, “One of the other female guests and your husband were flirting together.”

“No, you must be wrong Santiago wouldn’t do that to me.”

“What you think a random stranger would lie to you for no reason, she hit on him and he turned her down, then he hit on her.”

“No way that happened.”

I am so very sorry Marin but it happened and was very strange, I have no idea what to make of it.

“I love Snow, I know I do, but does he love me back?”

I’m sorry who are you talking to Moon?  -turns around- Why are you talking to a television?  It’s not going to talk back to you…. mind you neither will a mirror. 

“This programme is good plus the pink clothed girl has finally left me alone.”

“I’m not having you on miss it really happened.”

“We’ve had some tough times so I’m sorry I can’t believe you.”

“If your not going to believe me fine, I’m just going to eat this soup I’ve had appear from nowhere.”

Ummmmm where did the soup come from?  You’ve got no access to the kitchen at all so explanation please.

“Can you believe it Archer is still wearing a towel.”

“Really?” “Yeah I told him I preferred it with him in a towel and thats what he’s still in.”  The girls laugh.

“You know you really should just put him out of his misery and kiss him again.”

“You could be right there.”

I wonder Arya when did you get up to more than Archer in this place? 

“I think me and Snow are going to to get married.”

Jumping the gun a bit again there aren’t you Moon? You two haven’t even kissed.


“Yeah I can’t seem to get him out of my head.”   The girls laugh.

Sorry that doesn’t mean wedding bells Moon, but you may get your wish. 

“I gotta check the sink isn’t going to explode.”

Do you come across alot of exploding taps?  Seems a very odd thing to get worried about.

“Now I know the taps are alright I can play football games.  Hey this quarterback isn’t all that bad, better than most Madden games.”

Good Snow hasn’t ruined him yet.

Marin was in the nightclub playing pool on her own.

Where’s your husband?

“I will break this blasted machine again if it kills me.”

You know what worries me is that it will one day.

“That soup was really good.”

And where did it come from Snow?  Are you some sort of magician?

“Why does George have to make such a racket when he breaks that machine?  I swear the noises it makes when broken are so annoying.”

I’m sorry about that Arya I have no idea how to get him to stop.

“Hi there so you must be Chance the new school teacher.”

“I am and who may you be?”  Moon looked a bit upset he didn’t know her being a movie star and all but she soon put that to one side.

“I’m Moon Beam.”

“Cool name, so what do you do?”  She looked a bit more upset, she clearly thought the name would work.  All smiles again.

“I’m working on a movie, I’m going to be Echo in the Dollhouse movie.”

“Oh I love Joss.”  Moon looks happy.

“I know he’s great right!”

You guys are too cool for knowing who Joss Whedon is.

“I heard a rumour hun.”

“A rumour?  How do people hear rumour’s in hotels?”

Got me Santiago, maybe she’s heard a truth and hoping it was a rumour.

“Something about you hitting on one of the guests.”

“Oh that was just a joke.  She hit on me so I thought I would show her what it was like when it wasn’t reciprocated.”

“Sounds like a mean joke, to me and to her hunni.”

I totally agree. 

“I wonder Snow, do you think you and Moon may get together one day?”

Snow chokes a bit, “Why would you think that?”

“I’ve seen you looking all sweet on her, and George here was telling me about karaoke night.”

“I… I….” he talks really quietly, “maybe.”

Oh my, you are sweet on her 😀

Oh look at the adorable Harper.  We couldn’t go today without a pic of you 😀

Where are you going?  You look positively evil and you know up to something.  Moon!  Rose!  Where are you both?

“I hear you hit on my husband.”

“Ummm hi.  In my defense I had no idea, and I backed off straight away.”

She did Marin I watched, it was him that then flirted with her, which sorry made no sense.

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