15- Groundhog Repo

“Welcome to the Nightingale Marin & Santiago Young.  I hope you’ll like it here.”

“Thank you Miss Sky.”

“I understand your here for two days.”

“Yes we finally got our honeymoon.”

“Congratulations, well your in room 4.”  Rose then went on to tell them the basics.

Look at him, isn’t he a darling.  Sweet little Harper.

Then he found his rocket and he got even cuter!

“Sweet sweet coffee.”

Think its going to be a long day there Rose?

“In this place it always is.”

That is true you do run around after everyone all day and all night.

Of course with some hindsight she was completely right, this was the longest day at the Nightingale ever. 

“Hey kid, there are new guests.”


Oh Liv, your father is gone sweetheart I’m sorry.

Santiago comes in the diner to find Liv, “You are adorable.”  He then went about tickling her.

“Me and Marin have a few like you at home.”  Liv giggles.

Your good with her, I bet your kids miss you both.

“Hey baby, gis a hug.”

“No, no.  Santi!  Who are you?  Get away from me.”

“It was just a hug!  I’m sorry.”

“Your in a towel, my momma taught me hugs from men in towel’s are never just hugs.”

“This, but this is just…. I can’t find my clothes.  I think Rose may have stolen them.”

Well alright she may have done two days ago but it was all for fun, then she got in the hot tub with you, your the one still in a towel.

“Last night was a blast.  Although I still don’t know what this thing with me and Moon is.”

Your in love with each other isn’t that obvious?

The same morning take two, after booking in again life goes on as it did before. 

“Hello there my name is Marin.”

“Hi my name is Archer.”

“Ummm why don’t you have any clothes on?”

Why, all will be clear in a minute.

“You know your in a public place, you should really be clothed.”

“I think someone stole my clothes.”

Rose did it at my request but you could have changed by now.

“I feel like I did this a minute ago.”

Ummmm you did, you shall see in a minute.

“So do you fancy maybe hooking up later?”

Ummm Archer her husband is behind you!

So this is why we went back in time and I’ve missed it again.  Basically I was watching Archer and Marin and then everyone got a stolen item thing in their boxes.  Turns out the repo guy had been.  I checked the bills were payed, and restarted, thinking he wouldn’t turn up, he/ she did.  So I didn’t watch for him the second time.

“You asked my wife out.”  Smack with the pillow.

“Yeah man, she’s hot.”

“My WIFE!”

“She never said she was married.”

Well now you know Archer – laughs-


“Where is that manual?”

This is actually try two for George as well and both times he failed at breaking it.

Here we go, rewind 2, take three, the Youngs are booked in again and life goes on although I think some of them know something is going on. 

“You know I think this is the third time I’ve sat here today.”

Ummm it is, but I will catch that repo person today if it kills me.

Take three of meeting Archer and Marin doesn’t even bother.  I wonder if Santiago remembers anything and steered Marin away from Archer this time.

Gotcha!  ROSE the repo man is here!

“Not a chance I paid those bills.”

I know you did, I saw you do it, but still he/she’s still here.

What!!!!  Why are you taking the cinema TV that’s like double the bill amount.

Tell me your gun didn’t work that would be awesome, maybe George could have broken it.

NOoooooooooooooo she paid her bills what is wrong with you turning up here taking something double her bills meaning she’s essentially paying them three times?  Rose He/she/itv took the cinema tv.

“I will get this, this time.”

Take three for you George it’s this time or never as I finally caught the evil repo person stealing things.  I’m sorry you pay the bills and have stuff repo’d that’s stealing.

So this time around (remember we’re on a third go as I missed the repo guy the first time and everyone felt bad for repo’d possessions then I caught the repo gal leaving, and this time well you’ve seen the repo guy took the cinema TV which has ticked me off) your making yourself a drink instead of hitting on Marin.  Are you possibly growing as a man?

“The TV is still here what are you talking about Spider?”

I added some money to the family funds to pay for it cause you paid the bills and I thought it was wrong of him/her/it.

“You can’t add money to my bank account.”

Oh I really can.

“Spider seriously the repo man hasn’t been has he, just admit it already.”

No he did come, three times!  I had to restart twice to get the pictures cause I kept missing him.

“There you go again, this is not a game, this is my life.  Can you stop pretending it is.”

-Shuts up cause she’s never going to believe me.-

“Did the TV go somewhere I saw someone running away with a repo gun.”

Ha!  I told you!  Archer I love you!!!

Very quietly so Archer can’t hear, “It proves nothing.  So someone visited one of the to other guests and happened to have a repo gun.”

It does prove something that I told you the truth but you refuse to believe me.

“Oh please your just in love with Archer and as such will jump on anything he says.  That’s why you keep framing George.”

Oh I’m not framing George check the site I have pictures  -why did I never think of that before-


How sad would it be if Marin missed her favorite castaway type program?  See for the good of the guests I had to get them a new TV.  Stupid repo man/woman/it  why were there two different ones, I’m sure this is a conspiracy.

“Get over it Spider,” Rose shouts from the kitchen.

“Your a cute kid.”


Still cute and sad, shame your parents were  jerks to you hun.

“Time seems to have gone back to normal now.”

That is true Snow no more restarts, we got the images and I didn’t know how to stop it.  Sorry.

“I’ve heard strange tales whilst I was out about a repo and time resetting.  For my first day it did seem to be triple the normal time frame however I just thought it was first day jitters.”

Yeah sorry about that Chance.  By the way this mirror thing is it cause your neurotic?  Jenna used to do this too, like all the time.