14- Karaoke night

“I think we should sing a duet.”

Snow laughs, “A duet what all lovey dovey?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“What like Sonny and Cher, all I’ve got you babe.”

They start singing, I’ve got you babe.

“And if I’m sad your a cloud, and if I get scared….”

I can’t decide if Snow likes it or is terrified.

“Oh I much prefer the half naked you Archer.”

“Well I decided its been awhile.”

“You should stay like this all the time…. actually you should lose the towel sometimes but hey we can’t all be winners.”

“Yes I got it.  And I loved that song why haven’t they changed it.  I don’t know this one.”

“No matter what I do, all I think about is you….”

Oh I love this one, however I don’t know is Snow into this.

“I see you alot and I never say a word….”

Aww look at her looking into your eyes, seriously you two need to just kiss already.

“You know you mean the world to me right Archer?”

“Well I know I mean something to you, no idea how much Arya.”

Hey Rose, there’s quite a bit of love in the air tonight.

“Well I’m happy for them all, I just hope they don’t have babies I have to take care of.”

That’s fair although Arya wants Archer to take his towel off…

“Well you know Arya she would do anything to have her way with men.”

Well that is very true but she leaves Snow alone.  

“Snow’s odd though, unless he’s next to Moon.  No doubt Arya feels she doesn’t stand a chance.”

You could be right there.

“How to make her see, the truth about my past, impossible, she’d turn away from me.”

“He’s holding back, he’s hiding, but what I can’t decide, why won’t he be the king I know he is…”

Can I do the Timon and Pumba bits?  Please, please, -sad face- they’ve been and gone… – wanders off all sad-

“What do you mean Archer?”

“Well you kiss me one minute which by the way was fantastic, best kiss in the world.”

“And you want another one?”“Yes, no, yes, besides the point.”

“What is the point then Archer?”

“I want you Arya, but you want loads of guys.”

“Yes that is true, but I want you more than any other guy I come across.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Archer I fell for you the first moment I saw you, you’ll mean more to me than any other guy.”

Guy or sack of meat?  Come one he’s half naked in front of you, now is your chance Arya.  Don’t keep playing him around.

“I’m going to make you love, yes I will, yes I will….”

“I’m going to use every trick in the book, I’ll try my best to get you hooked…”

“Now this one I like, good old classic.  Stevie and Diana were always good at what they do.”

Both Snow and Moon sing, “I’m going to make you love me, yes I will, yes I will….”

“You two were good on that blasted karaoke machine.”

Moon and Snow just stare at each other.

Oooh did you two realise something on that machine?

“She as near as loves me.  I can’t believe it.  I want every man Arya wants me.”

I’d take it and go with it Archer, although probably best to leave the drinking for  after your married, if it ever gets that far, and she starts making crazy demands.

Silent elevator ride?!  You two were pretty vocal earlier, have we gone back to not saying anything about how we feel?

“Hey Calvin, can you believe it Arya likes me, as in really really likes me.”

What is Calvin doing here?  Do the dead not stay dead on this lot?

“Dude you don’t stand a chance, any male could do this,” pulls silly face, “and Arya would come running.”

Archer pulls a silly face back, “It’s ok I can do that too.  Besides she’s not here yet.”

“Just wait man, just wait.”

Oh come on George you were loving those two singing classics earlier.

“She’s done it again.  How does she keep figuring out how I’m breaking this thing?”

Well if she didn’t it would never be fixed for you to enjoy Moon and Snow singing classics off.

Rose, please go to the nightclub and see George sabotaging the karaoke machine.

“No, you stop accusing George of breaking everything.”

It’s not unfounded, he is trying to break everything.

“Look now Spider I’m reading a book, you can see that right, go take your vendetta against George elsewhere please.”

No I like George I really do but it’s not Archer breaking stuff.

Rose finishes her book and in the process acquires a new recipe.  “Look at that Spider those letters that’s truth, you just don’t like George cause he and I….”

Oh please Harper is the cutest thing ever I don’t care that you two created him, but he is the one breaking stuff.

“Just shut up already Spider.  Come back when you stop lying.”

Wow you are a mother now.  -wanders off to watch George-  I’ll prove it one day.