13- A visitor from the beyond

I certainly hope you don’t break this computer Archer.  People are worried about your health!

“Come on faster, faster, faster!”

I know you can’t hear me but please don’t break anything for awhile.

Woah?!?!?  Your dead?!!??!  I mean dead!!?!??  What are you doing in your old room… no wait better question what are you doing here?

“I really messed everything up, and then I went and died.  I wish I could make it up to her.”

Well you can’t so stay away from her or you’ll give her nightmares.

Either you can hear me or you are just ignoring your kid again as she’s right through that door.

Ghosts use elevators!??!

CeeCee started to leave the premises then, no idea why she was here or what she planned on doing but I tell you what it was a close call for Archer – right at the back of the image near the elevators- who was obviously traumatised by her death, wearing clothes in the hot tub and all.

“Damn it why did I put that line there?”

Well thus far I think it looks great Chance.

“I’m a little surprised my room 101 idea has become so iconic.”

Why can’t you hear me?  I don’t understand how you are the real George Orwell or have you got some sort of split personality thing where you think your someone who your not? 


Talk to me!

“This George Orwell guy was really intriguing, how did he come up with this stuff all those years ago? A Telescreen now thats funny.  I may use some of this stuff when I take over the world.”

No, No, NO!  I don’t want to live in a world where you can see everything I do Snow.

Still clothed I see Archer 😀  your just so sweet.

“Oh Liv your so sweet, I hope you remain that way as you grow up.”

She’s got a couple of weeks as a toddler yet Moon don’t get too excited.  Although poor Rose is struggling with two toddlers.  Where is Rose anyway?

:O  What the?

“You look pretty hot in that suit.”

“So, and I’m not complaining what’s with the clothes when in the hot tub nowadays?”

“CeeCee died leaving the kid, and I just didn’t have it in me to defy her anymore.”

See sweet and charming.

“Have you ever noticed how your foot looks weird when surrounded by hot water vapors?”  Rose asked the hot tub guru.

“Yeah it’s odd isn’t it.

You get in the hot tub with Archer of all people and you talk about feet?  I’m sorry are you as insane as your guests or are they rubbing off on you?!?

“So Rose..”

“Yeah Archer?”

“Fancy telling me how Harper came to be?  I never took you for one to sleep with a guest and now I know, well….”  A sensual voice coming out of Archer’s every breath.

“You gotta find a hobby Archer.”

I think he has one Rose… you and Arya!

Oh look at you being all sweet and innocent, I just want to keep you at this age forever, but people will want to know more about you soon.

“I wonder how I can get Rose to my room later.”

Ummm you’ve noticed your in a towel right??  Is it possible the thought of  Rose in the hot tub has knocked you to your clothes discarded self?

“Why would he flirt with me so much and then break things over and over again Spider?”

I’ve told you it’s not Archer breaking this, it’s George.

“What do you have against George, you like Harper yet accuse George constantly of breaking things he’s terrified of.”

Why don’t you believe me?

“The better question is why should I?”

No Rose I think it’s why don’t you.  After all I crea… no I won’t go there.

“You are a sweet child, you’ll no doubt be in my classes soon.”

“Momma and poppa lef me.”

“Wow your a bright one aren’t you.”

Well she is a genius, so yeah my guess clever is right.

Ummm -blinks funny-……… to be continued

Authors note: Yep I know we’ve not had one of these here before and this one has nothing to do with the Nightingale.  For those of you reading my baby challenges head over to the Nightingale thread or the Sky Babies thread,or even the Facebook page about the latest update on the game, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and its not good.  

On another note as of midnight GMT it’s my one year anniversary for writing sims stories.  As such there will be a special posted later today so come back later and look for the One Year Anniversary page at the top.  For those of you who have been here whilst I have game issues etc thank you, your support means so much.  Thank you for helping me when Sim times have become very very hard.