12- Chance moves in

“I need to drink my sorrows away, my dreams of the two men in my life are being ruined today when he goes back.”

He was always going to go back, however a new guy moves in today if that helps.

“So I go home today.”

“It’s been a blast man.”

Why are you two having strange conversations half naked?  

“So are you back off to have more kids then mate?”

“Yeah I’ve got to reach my total sometime.”

“Dude that is so cool.”

Do you mean the having kids all the time, the sleeping with women, or the being hounded by crazy people?

Oh look at that face.  ROSE!


Harper is awake and has the cutest sad face on him ever!

“I’ll be right down.”

“I have a son!”

Has it just dawned on you?  You remember holding him yesterday right?

“Here come the deformed tickle fingers.”

Why are they deformed Rose are you doing stupid things again?

“Oh shut up Spider, its just a saying.”

No I’m sorry Rose it’s not.

“He doesn’t mind it.”

His mother is giving him attention and being good to him, he’s not going to.  Speaking of such things have you seen Liv lately?

“Yeah she’s eating strawberry oatmeal in her high chair.”

“It’s been lovely here, but it’s time for me to go.”

“Well it’s been wonderful having you here Robert.”

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the place.

“You are a darling child.”

She really is.

“Your parents didn’t deserve you.”


Your right George but he’s not your dad Liv.

Oooooh Chance is here Rose!


“Hello there Mr Andrews.  I understand you could be staying with us for a bit.”

“Yep, I’m moving here from Bridgeport as the new local school teacher, replacing old man Logan.”

“How long should I expect you to stay for then Mr Andrews.”

“Call me Chance please and I’ve no idea I’m really going to struggle to find a permanent home on my days off if I’m grading papers and all.”

“Well your welcome to stay as long as you need.  Your in room 9.”  Rose then went on to tell him the basics, dinner, breakfast etc.

“There’s a new guest today.  I wonder if Arya will steal him away with her flirtatious ways.  The new writer should be here by the end of the week.  The new sets look amazing.  Now I just have to convince Snow that I’m the girl for him.”

Sounds like a lot that could go wrong here Moon.  But we like your revealing moments in front of the mirror.

“I should check on the site.  Look at that someone voted for me as their favorite.”

Yep and your definitely interesting if not a bit odd.

Talking of odd.

“I swear that plant can talk.”

No I don’t think so, sounds like your hearing things Snow.

“Your better off you know Liv.”

“I miss Momma.”

I’m not quite sure if you mean CeeCee or Rose right now.

Oh aren’t you adorable?  Rose needs to teach you to talk soon.

“I feel like dancing,” George sings away with the DJ booth and then would you believe it he does dance away.

Seriously you always surprise me George.  

“I can’t believe you had a child with Rose…  Can I ask…. How was it?”

“I’d rather not talk about it Archer.”

Being a gentleman or do you not remember?

“Oh don’t play coy with me.  Come on she’s hot and I just gotta know.”

The word Per and vert come to mind.

“Here’s the thing a gentleman never kisses and tells.  We’ve not talked about it once since the act and well I’m honoured enough she had the child, I don’t want to jinx it.”

“Alright George but once you’ve talked to her about it, can you let me in on the details?”

“That’s up to her.”

My guess the answer is going to be a resounding NO!

“He plays the game and then breaks the machine, if he breaks the one he’ s using right now this screwdriver is going in his eye.”

Now, now Rose, Archer has a bit of a following.  Besides are you sure he did it I’ve tried to tell you before George breaks the karaoke machine.

“Nonsense he’s harmless, and it’s always Archer and his hope to have me close by.  Why would anyone like a half naked regularly, flirting with everything and anything man?”

You’d be surprising how charming he is when he tries.