11- A quiet easy day

“So I kissed Archer and Robert…  Guys are cool with girls sharing them right?”

Oh you poor girl, Robert goes home tomorrow plus you really should tell Archer you want to share him with other guys.

“Hi there, we’ve not met yet.”

Do you often take to meeting others with next to no clothes on Robert?  I know Archer does.

“Yeah sorry about that I’ve been busy working on a new album.  How are you finding the place?”

“It’s cool, everyone is so friendly.”

Yeah somehow I don’t think Archer will kiss you 😆

“So ummm I’ve been meaning to say to you, congratulations with your son, he’s adorable.”

“Thank you Archer, very kind of you.”

It was actually.  What’s he up to.

“Maybe you and I could…”  Rose starts choking on her food so he can’t be heard.

I’m sorry Rose but we still love him out here.

“So I hear the boy that has just been born is yours.”

George keeps eating saying nothing.

This could be a touchy subject Robert, George hasn’t met him yet.


Hey Rose, whats up?

“Can you believe it, we have new guests coming.”


“Chance should arrive tomorrow, and the Young’s are staying for their honeymoon in a couple of days.”

Nicely done Rose it’s good to see the site is working.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a ring there on my finger.”

Does Snow know about your want for a ring?  Surely your jumping the gun a bit here.

Rose what are you, your arms…. why is one in the door and the other in the wall?  Look at Moon I swear she can hear me right now.

“It’s alright I’m just cleaning Liv’s high chair.”

Your having me on right.  You are no where near her high chair and are instead through a wall.  Could you please stop this, the guests never do this, why is it always you?

“Oh shut up already, its clean now.”

“I go home tomorrow kid, I have a few kids just like you.”


“No I’m not your dad, sorry little one, but I think you’ll be just fine.”

“Here comes the tickle monster.”

Oh my!  George this is your son Harper.

George tickles Harper who giggles.

You two are so cute together.

“Your a sweet boy.”

Yeah he can’t talk yet but Rose will get to it soon.  Then you can have full on conversations with your son.

“So I pretty much had a dream or an idea today that won’t go away…. I just don’t know if I can have it.  He knows I exist which is half the battle done but he doesn’t know I care.  Mirror how do I get him to care?  If I can manage to show I care maybe that will help fix the work thing, after all they say you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy at all.”

All very true, but I have no idea how Snow will feel about your new revelations.

So Snow how do you feel about making Moon your wife?


Yeah I didn’t think so.

“I best check up on the kids see how they are doing.”

They’ll see you soon, you go home tomorrow.

“I hear Moon wants to take you as her husband.”

Snow brushes it off thinking it’s a joke, “And I hear this is your boy.”

“Isn’t he wonderful.”

“Well I’m happy for you George.”

“Seriously though Moon, are you two?”

Snow stares at George as if the joke’s been played out.

Sorry Snow it’s true.

“There’s nothing in here on it.”

What’s the book Snow?  -looks over shoulder- Jokes about women….. hmmm maybe you need a guide to women not a joke book.

“I should make sure my son gets my books, when he’s of age.  He should know the future that could have been.”

I’m sorry you can’t be George Orwell unless you used a time machine…. you didn’t use a time machine did you…. your a technophobe…..

“I can’t believe Robert fixed my quarterback and is going home, we could have had a wonderful life together, me him and Archer.”

Have you told Archer about your plans to share him?

Oh look at the cutie pie.

Arya is then found in the pool on her own.  “As of tomorrow its just me and Archer.”

Why do you seem sad to me about that?

Oh my lord you really are too cute kid.  I can’t wait till you can talk.

Blooper Pic

It would seem that Roberts work outfit gives him fairy wings!?!?