10- Harper joins the family

Your up early.

“My water just broke.”

You seem very calm about this.

“Well you know me I don’t want to wake the guests.”

What about George?

“What about George?”

Your going to go alone?

“Well he’s an old man I don’t want to wake him plus… we’ve not talked about it, I don’t even know if he wants to know him.”

Aww Rose, you should talk to him, I’m sure he’ll want to know his son.

Rose chokes back tears.  “Spider can I… can I do this alone please.”

Yeah sure -wanders off to give Rose alone time-

“I enjoyed writing this book.”

-Tries not to be angry with George, seeing as Rose made the decision- Which book are you reading now?  -Looks over shoulder- Animal farm?  How are you really George Orwell?

“Arya was right about this quarter back.  If only there was a mod to make him better.”

As of yet there is no mod for better computer games within a computer game sorry Robert.

“So this is what Rose does in the kitchen?”

Archer this is a cinema not a cooking channel room, you and Snow should watch something else in here.

“I noticed Rose isn’t around and it’s her due date so I think she’s gone to have the baby.  I think I’ll do something nice for her.”

That’s nice of you Moon -looks over shoulder- oh wow your taking care of Liv today so Rose can concentrate on being there for her son on his first day.  That really is good of you.

“Of course I’ll have a celebratory drink before I get Liv and take her to the zoo.”


Oh he’s adorable.  Congratulations Rose.

“Thank you Spider.”

You should age him up, your too busy for a baby in the house but a toddler he can keep Liv company.

“Your right.”  Rose sets her son on the floor.

Oh whilst I’m at it Moon has sent you an email.  It’s very sweet of her actually.

Rose goes off to find her tablet.  In the meantime her son has sparkles all around him.

Rose what have you named him?

Oh look at that hair and face, and cheeks and -squeals- he is sooo cute!

“His father is a writer so I’ve named him after a publishing company,” she finds the tablet.  “Harper Collins is a pretty large publishing company and I thought Harper would be a great name for him.  So his name is Harper Sky.”

I like it, oh he’s so cute.

“Oh that’s so sweet of Moon I’ll have to thank her later.”

It is really good of her.  She’s a nice girl when she tries to be.

I see he likes your chocolate oatmeal too.

“What child can resist my chocolate oatmeal?”

None clearly.

“Hey Spider you know you found out who Harper’s dad is…”


“Can you find out where the purple hair has come from cause that’s not me, and I have so many family members I just want to check.”

Sure, -goes and takes George in create a sim, ages him down- It’s George.

Oh wow he is a cute happy child isn’t he 😀

“He is a very cute child that is for sure.  I adore him and love Moon for giving me a whole day with him now that everyone is fed of course.”

“You have a very handsome boy there George.”


George hasn’t seen his son yet and doesn’t even know he’s here yet.  Not surprising he’s unaware what she’s talking about.

“You can’t fool me that’s not blue or blonde hair on that boys head.  You are an elder now and can hide your hair colour as it was with brown streaks.  But I know the child is yours and,” she puts on George’s I’m doing good baby voice, “he is one cute kid.  You watch your back George as I’ll be back.”

So because Harper isn’t Archer’s your happy and because he’s George’s your interested in him?!!?  Your a very strange girl.

Snow is reading an email from Moon, “I’ve taken your advice and am being nice to Rose today I’ve taken Liv to the zoo, if you want to join us feel free.”

“Me around animals, no way, they can smell my evil trait and run the other way, but you have fun Moon.”  Snow smiles in a you go girl kind of way.

Your really good for her Snow I kind of hope you two get together or at least stay friends.


Runs over to see Harper walking.

“He’s a genius, I just stood him up and this is the first try.”

For a 6 hour old kid I think I have to agree with you there Rose.  Cute and smart, seriously well done.

:O ummm…

Archer still going into the hot tub clothed in memory of CeeCee but Arya your….

“So Archer, you like?”

Archer looks her over and makes a humenumena kind of noise.

Wow you both move quickly.  Weren’t you practically asking Robert to bed yesterday though Arya?

“So now you’ve seen me without clothes….  I wondered if you’d be interested in kissing and stuff.”

Well it’s clear what his answer was really.  I can understand his inability to speak the girl does seem to have surprised him with her non clothedness.

“I’ve always liked you Arya.  You’ve always made me smile.”

“I’ve always liked you too Archer.”

Aww you two are cute!

Lets go see where the guy you were flirting with yesterday is.

“I’ve just about got this quarter back to do his job properly.”

“I wanted to thank you Moon for helping Rose out today.”

“Thanks George I was only being nice, and Liv is a good kid.  She loved the monkeys.”

“Hang on why are you so pleased that I watched Liv?”

Your a smart one Moon to wonder.

“Rose has spent the day with the child bonding, so I wanted to thank you for giving her that.”

Rose and you need to talk and she needs to introduce you to your son.

“Roberts got this quarterback just about doing his job properly, I shall have to make some edits to the programming to make him as he was before.  After I win this game of course.”

You should go find Moon your never evil around her.

“Hi there I think I’ve fixed your quarter back in the Madden game.”


“Yeah he really was rubbish.”

Arya leans in and kisses him.  “That was very sweet of you.”

“Well if I had known you get kisses from a pretty girl for fixing him I would have tried harder.”

And then they go in for a full on kiss.

Ahuhm weren’t you just kissing Archer like an hour ago?  We like Archer here!

“Do you fancy watching the stars?”

“That would be really nice Arya.”

Their hands touched as they sat down to look at the stars.  “I like you Arya.”

“Your handsome Arc… I mean Robert.”

So does that mean you really like Archer but if that’s so why are you all over Robert here?

Look at you all handsome and clothed in the hot tub again.  Don’t worry he’ll be gone soon and you and Arya can be alone together if you want.

“Come on little fella time for bed.”

Aww isn’t he adorable.

“Spider I never thought I could love anyone more.  I love Liv and all but little Harper here, I can’t express how much I love him.”

Well he’s part of you, he came from you, its not surprising really.  Also could you maybe get your arm out of his shoulder?

“Your right of course and  I don’t have my arm in his shoulder.”

I beg to disagree.

“Oh shut up Spider.

Oh he is absolutely adorable.