9- Love is in the air

“One more shot and I win a prize.”

Hmm I wonder what kind of prize.  

“Hi there George have you seen Rose lately she’s getting pretty big.”

George looks off at the door.  “Umm yeah.”

Is this the prize?!!?

“I just wondered you notice alot, any chance if you know who the father is?”

“No idea.”

“I just hope its not Archer, I couldn’t cope if my future husband had a child with Rose.”

Your future husband?  I think maybe you should tell him that.

“No I don’t think it’s Archer if that helps.”

“It does yeah.  Anyway George,” Arya puts on her best Joey voice, “how you doing?”

In a  voice that sounds oddly sensual… “I’m doing good baby.”

Woah is that the voice you used on Rose?  Your very full of surprises George.  

“Hi there,” Robert says not knowing Moons friendship issues.

“Hi there.”  Moon goes all shy, “Are you staying long?”

You sound kind of hopeful there Moon.

They get chatting for a bit before Robert heads off to explore.

“Hi there my name is Robert, I’m here for a couple of days.”

Oh dear lord look at those eyes am I wrong or do they say come hither?

“Why hello there Robert.”

Have you stolen that sensual voice from George?

“How are you doing?”  Arya continues not hearing Spider.

“I’m doing well everyone is friendly here.”

“Stupid car stealing my new friend.”

Hmmm car or Arya?

“So you know how you hate tech George.”

George gets an angry face on him, “Yeah.”

“I want to help out.”

“Dare I ask?”

“In my spare time I thought I would set traps on the computers.  I know you don’t want to be near those things and this way people may leave them alone.”

“And your helping me?”

“Cause I want to help an old friend.”

Hmmm couldn’t have anything to do with being evil could it now?

Ok that was quick Arya.

“Everyone is friendly here I hope you enjoy your stay… what room are you in?”


“Oh that’s right next to mine.”

No it’s not, its next to Moons.  No swapping or putting in new doors etc… Oh the possibilities this girl could come up with.

“A meteor hit them and death turned up.”

Still too soon George.

“This food is excellent.  I like this place.”

Oh no!  You sat at Snow’s booby trapped computer.

“Why would someone put a plumbob on the screen?  That thing follows me everywhere.”

Yeah there was a delay between the scary face and Roberts scared look 😀

“I hate plumbobs too, however if this quarterback doesn’t move his feet I may end up hating him too.”

“In that case I’ll play a skateboarding game.  I hate AI that doesn’t do what you want it to.”

“I made a friend today, or nearly did then Arya batted her eyelids at him and he’s gone.  Why am I not confident enough to keep a friend mirror?  Is this the root of my problem?”

Moon, Arya is obsessed with finding herself a man I don’t think its any disrespect to you.

Hi there Rose.  I just wanted to say well done for getting to level 5 of your cooking skill already.

“Level 5 of my cooking skill?  Why do you talk in riddles Spider?”

I don’t.  The notification just came up.

“Notifications as well, come on Spider this isn’t a game this is my life.”

Talking of your life, have you thought about a nursery for little George?

“His or her name will not be George!”

Am I to take that as a no then?

Rose sighs, “I haven’t had time.”

But the kid is due soon.

“Don’t you think I know that?  If your so concerned you do it.”

-Leaves the clearly hormonal woman-

“So you have how many kids?”

“Well over 50.”

“Hmmm… you must be good in bed then.”

“She didn’t just say that did she?”

I’m afraid she did George, but I’m glad were on the same page here.

“I swear that girl can’t be anymore obvious.”

Certainly seems like were all on the same page here.

“I know I met him and was getting on well with him and before I knew it she was hugging him and well just flirting with him.”

“Moon you don’t want to get between her and a possible guy.”

“But I talk to you..”


“Your a guy.”

“I’m not a possible guy for Arya, so your all clear.”

Is that cause you secretly love Moon?

Rose I have a surprise for you.

“Can I do the dishes first?”

Yeah but then meet me downstairs.

“What is this?”

The babies room.

“I don’t understand, how did you, when did you, did I say how did you?”

You said to me “If your so concerned you do it,” so I did it.

“Again how did you, when did you… who said the baby is a boy?”

Master controller.

“And that is?”

It doesn’t matter your having a son, but you really should get some sleep before he gets here.