8- A short stay guest!!!

Archer I can’t believe it your in the hot tub clothed… has CeeCee’s death affected you so profoundly?

Snow giggles with a devious look in his eyes.

You look like your up to something there Snow.  What is your master plan.

“Thats it, now I just have to wait for some unsuspecting fool to fall for it.”

 But what if it’s your lovely Moon that you end up scaring?

“You did it you learnt to talk.”


Oh no, you’ve taught her and now you’ve got to explain it all to her.  I don’t envy you Rose.

“I have a friend in this place now mirror.  The director has hired a  new writer who should be here in the next couple of weeks and casting is working harder to get me a leading man.  Could things be turning around for me?”

Just don’t go near the computer in the cafe Moon and you may keep this upbeat attitude.

“Hmm to drink or not to drink that is the question.”

Bit early in the day isn’t it there Snow?

How did it go Rose?

“About as good as any such conversation can with a child who never really go to know their parents.”

“Brek brek.”

Sounds like its food time to me.

“George have you noticed that Rose is pregnant?”


“I wonder why she said she would take Liv in if there’s a child on the way.”

“Could be just that she didn’t want Liv in the system.  Poor kid deserves better.”

“That’s true,” Moon pulls out her tablet.  “The amount of toddlers that get adopted are half that of babies, and children are even fewer than toddlers.”

“She could have just wanted to keep her from that.”

“Either way I don’t know how she’s going to cope.”  Moon looks up to George.  “Who do you think the father is?”

George stares at the ceiling and then his plate.  “I couldn’t say.”

Don’t tell me you don’t remember that night either!  And Moon your very sweet to care 😀

“I don’t know how I’m going to do this you know Spider.” She holds her head, “what have I done?”

Which part the not remembering what you did whilst intoxicated?  Or the taking in a defenseless child to keep her out of the system?

“Well when you put it like that I have no idea either.”

“And then a meteor hit them leaving the child all alone.”

Wow way tooooo soon there George.

“This is a lovely set.  How do they do these things in next to no time?”

It is a nice set for your movie actually but the most important thing is you sat at the non booby trapped computer.

Upstairs Rose is crying.  “I can’t do this.  I just can’t bring a child into this madness.”

I don’t think your going to get a choice in that Rose!  But more importantly I hate to say it your going to have to pull yourself together your first short stay guest in a long time is due to arrive soon.

“With CeeCee and Calvin I nearly forgot about him arriving.”  Rose tries to collect herself together in a professional manner.  “Right lets go check what time he’s due.”

As it happens here comes Robert Mahoney now.   He’s a challenge father and booked a stay a couple of days ago to get a break from his baby challenge and his crazy life as a whole.

“Hello Mr Mahoney, I do hope you enjoy your stay at the Nightingale.”

“It’s nice to be away for a bit but I miss the kids already.”

“Well I am sure they miss you too.  Your booked in for four nights in room 12.” Rose ran over the basics with him.  Dinner and breakfast time etc.

“I’m sorry Miss but am I wrong to notice your pregnant?”

“No your not wrong but it won’t impede on your stay.  I will try and keep the children away from you on your stay whilst you relax from your own.”

“I thank you for your care but it’s not necessary I love kids and would love to see the ones in the hotel if and when they are around.”

Well that makes life easy, hiding two children from him could be hard.

Arya the heartbreaker is sat in the cinema, unaware of the new male guest just booked in, checking up on her favorite websites.

Robert looking for a good time heads straight to the internet cafe and joins an online race.

Moon still looking at her new set glances over at Robert every now and then is this her chance at another new friend?

Blooper picSnow glitches whilst setting the booby trap.