6- What the? How? When?

I wondered where you got to whilst CeeCee was keeping your daughter up all night. 


So what’s so important?

-Looks over Calvin’s shoulder- Seriously local restaurant reviews!

Couldn’t sleep Snow?

“Die! Die! Die!” comes out of Snow in a really angry voice.

Yeah that’s a car game not a shooter Snow.  Although not sure if I want you practicing shooting people.

“So yeah I told CeeCee off for being such a bad mother.”

“I couldn’t sleep with all that screaming.”

“Yeah I don’t think anyone could.”

“If she taught the child to talk then lord knows what she would have said to her mother.”

“Yeah she’s a smart kid but she deserves better.  Anyway she’s in bed now so you can try again if you want, I know I am.”

“How did this get so bad?”

Well lets see you ignore her, you don’t know what she likes to eat and the best you’ve ever done for her is teach her to walk…. What did you expect?

“I’m so glad the screaming has stopped but now I can’t sleep at all.”

So your walking around in your bra?

Oh lord, Arya Calvin is married don’t try anything in the lift… Please!

“This is good.”

I wonder if you will ever understand your daughter.  You keep this up and she’s going to hate you!




What!?  You’re always telling me to shut up and now you… hang on what are you….  

“Ummm does this mean?”

When did you…

“Does it look like I know?”

How do you not know?

“I don’t know if you remember me being out of it the other night?”


“I don’t really remember that night all that well.”

I left you alone after the whole singing thing, 0h Rose who did you….

“I woke up in a guests room the next morning….”

Are you telling me your pregnant with a guests baby?

“Looks that way… Oh Spider what do I do?”

You have a baby, and tell me who the dad was!

“It’s too embarrassing.”

“I have over 100 friends on facebook, when did that happen?”

Well you are likable Moon I don’t know why your having such a hard time lately.

“Oh my all the hotel guests have unfriended me, why would they do that?”

Do you seriously need to ask?

“Oh I feel sick.”

Well that’s what you get for getting pregnant with… -goes off to check master controller- GEORGE!!

“How did you know its George?”

Your pregnant with GEORGE’s child?!?!  How, when… Rose!

“Don’t remind me I will be sick.”

You don’t remember anything?

“No I just woke up the next morning in his room.  I ran out which you caught me in and so did Archer but George acted all shy and we’ve never talked about it.”

Oh Rose!

“Don’t.  Don’t pity me.”

But you were just saying yesterday you didn’t have time for a child.

“I know what I said but that doesn’t matter now, does it.”

I guess not.

“I can’t believe I have over 100 friends on facebook, how did that happen?”

“Well I don’t know Moon but your not unlikable.  Sure your a snob but your not cruel or anything.”

That’s pretty much what I said.  I wish you lot could hear me sometimes.

“In fact I think your wonderful.”

“You do?”

“Sure I do, Moon you have a big heart when you let others see it, but you hide behind your snobishness and don’t let others in.”

“You could be right, but it’s a good safety mechanism.”

“From what Moon?”

“I don’t know really.”

“Well I think you should try putting the snobishness to one side for a bit and watch yourself make friends.”

“Thank you Snow your a good guy.”

Well I have to admit he’s a good guy right now, maybe you bring something out in him Moon.

Poor little Liv was so tired she’s sleeping through the day.

“Peace and quiet.  Doubled up with bubbles, my life is good.”

You saved the day Archer I think you deserve your skinny dip today.

“Why do we have to use elevators to get anywhere in this building?”

Wow George is more grumpy than normal.  He shouldn’t lose any sleep anymore.  I swear he’s going to take a hammer to that elevator.

“Well that’s the bills paid for another week.”

Well done Rose plus I love the maternity wear.

“Best thing in my wardrobe to use really.”

Well it works.