5- Parenting lessons?

A new day and the same look from Liv.  Are you my mommy?

“Lets get you some of Rose’s strawberry oatmeal.”  Liv giggles all happy.

Seriously how does Arya know you better than your own parents?

I’m sorry but what can be on TV that is more interesting than your child?

Hang on what are you up to?  You look really evil right now.. oh no where’s Rose?

“RAAAA!”  Archer screams like a little girl.

Not Rose -breaths a sigh of relief-

 “Ha you sounded like a little girl.”

“Oh the horror.”  Archer actually started to check everywhere around him.  “Whew no one saw me.”

Guess again.  I like you and all but you did sound like a little girl 😀

Yeah thats right skinny dip the girlish scream away.

Wow look at that face.  Liv darling that is your mother, not Arya sorry sweetheart.

“I’m going to get it this time.”

-Makes a whatthefudgewhoda sort of word that makes no sense-


“One down just forty or fifty other electrical items to go.”

What on earth, seriously.  I mean come on yesterday you were singing on the bloody thing and today you’ve broken it, what the frigging fudging hole downstairs is going on here?

Upstairs Liv is screaming her little lungs out.

-Has a look at Liv’s needs…. Sleep is at 0%-  Put her to bed.

“What do you want?”  Liv screams some more as the poor thing is exhausted.  “Why can’t you tell me what you want?”

Umm cause you’ve not taught her to talk yet.

3 hours later, no she’s not stayed in the same place, she’s walked up to the bedroom door and then turned around 10 times.  Yes I’m being serious!

“Will you please be quiet, it’s been 3 hours!”

She’s exhausted!  You are the worst parent with the family orientated trait EVER!

Archer comes storming out of the elevator.  “Will you put that child to bed already, the whole hotel can hear her screaming!”

Look at little Liv’s face.  Poor child looks happy someone came to her rescue, even if its half naked most of the time Archer.

“I can’t seem to get her to quiet down.”

“That’s cause you don’t know her, your job means more to you than your daughter.  You watch TV and play computer games leaving the rest of us to care for her.  Arya and Rose are the closest thing this child has to a mother.”

Archer have I told you lately I love you!

“How dare you say such things to me?”

“What I wonder is how no one else has dared say this to you before.  Your both as bad as each other.”

“You will not talk about my husband that way.”

“You defend your husband but don’t protect your child.  What kind of mother are you?”

Bit harsh but I bet if there were more taking care of baby traits you would still suck as a mother.

“You mean it don’t you?” CeeCee says with tears in her eyes.

Archer sees the tears and talks to her instead of shouts at her.  “Your husband doesn’t know what she likes for breakfast, I bet you don’t either actually.  He smelled her dirty diaper, left her in the lobby and ran off leaving Rose to change her.  You, you never show her any attention not since teaching her to walk and somehow expect her to know who you are.”

CeeCee didn’t respond she just ran off  still holding Olivia with tears running down her face.  Harsh, yes, necessary, absolutely!

“Ahh silence.”

“Will that kid ever shut up crying?”

“Fancy that I learnt my trick and the screaming has stopped.”

And finally little Liv gets to go to bed some 4 or 5 hours after her mother picked her up to take her to bed.  This child does not deserve these parents!