4- The best things

“Hey there baby, were you coming to find me for some fun?”

“Uhhh what?”

Your not seriously hitting on a married man are you Arya?

“I don’t understand you weren’t coming to find me?”

“Umm… I mean no.  I’m married.”

“But you never spend any time together, your always on your own.”

“We have separate lives but I’m still devoted to my wife.”

“So you weren’t looking for a good time?”

You really do live by the heartbreaker wish you have don’t you missy.

After a few more refusals Arya left him alone.  “I got turned away can you imagine.  There has to be something wrong with that man.”  And then she starts to swirl her finger around her temple, you know in a he’s crazy way.

Hmmm a married man saying no to an affair, doesn’t seem mental to me, but then again he does ignore his kid so what can I say?

“Here you go Olivia, a lovely green bottle.”

Yeah Liv hates bottles she prefers Rose’s oatmeal.

“What do you not want bot bot?”  Liv still unable to talk just throws the bottle at her fathers ummmm… this kid is smart or at least has a good aim.

Rose you may want to go give Li… what have I walked in on?

“Hey baby, what are you doing on my floor dressed like that?”

That’s a very good question.

“I ummm came to fix ummm Arya’s broken toilet.”

Is Arya’s toilet really broken?  Poor George all shy and looking away.

“Well I guess if it requires next to no clothes than the break must be bad.”  He gets a smouldering look on him and a voice to match.  “You could always check mine afterwards.  It’s been acting real funny lately.”

“Umm yeah sure… I’ll take a look at it later.”

What the?  

“You’ll never believe it, I’ve just seen Rose and I swear she’s wandering around in her underwear.”

Calvin looks at Archer and puts two and two together and gets sixteen, “I didn’t think she would ever date guests.”

“Oh I wish mate, I would love to see her with….”

Lalalalalala you can’t talk about Rose like that.

“Hey whilst were on the subject of umm clothes.  Any chance you can wear some around Olivia here.”

“What is everyone’s obsession with me wearing clothes all the time?”

“Not an obsession, just an observation and I’ve got a wife to keep calm.  She’s ranting in my ear all the time lately about you being without clothes in this building.”

“Whatever mate, I’ll wear what I please.”

“Oh look its the tickle monster.”

Aww you two are sweet, if only you knew what she liked for breakfast.  

Upstairs Snow was the first to use the cinema!!   But for a cooking program?!

So ummm Rose what was that about earlier?

Instantly takes a mouth full of grilled cheese sandwich, “I’m trying to eat here.”

Oh I see so your not talking about it.

Rose chews more, “still eating here.”

Alright I get it.

Liv cries in the lobby.

Where’s your dad?  What’s that smell… your dad didn’t smell your dirty diaper and do a dump and run did he.

Liv cries more and louder.


“I’m eating!”

ROSE! Get your butt in here now!

“There there little one.”

Your good with her.

“Well anyone would be better than her parents, who leaves a toddler in a dirty diaper?”

Well as true as that is your good with her.  Have you thought about ki…

“Nope, NO!  No way, do I not have enough to do as it is?”

That’s true.

“Don’t get me wrong I like kids, but there are only so many hours in a day.”

That’s very true.

“Come on you can drive faster.”

Things better at work yet?


I’ll come back when your talking to the mirror I get more out of you then.

“That’s what you get for this morning.”

“Oh it’s like that is it,” Arya grabs a pillow, “playing hard to get are we?”

Poor Arya there are three men in this house who are single go flirt with them.

“So you and Arya huh?” CeeCee’s pillow catches Calvin just the way she hopes.

“No, no nuhuh.  I don’t know what your talking about.”

“That’s not what she told Moon.”

“It’s all lies honest.”

Heartbreaker or homewrecker?  That one will keep me wondering for awhile although Arya takes better care of Liv than both of you.

Woah what’s going on here?  I thought you were all about the thing being broken now your using it.

George seems to being singing a duet, “I won’t make you promises, I’ll just do all I can to be a lov..”

The best things in life are free, wow is that song is as old as you? Why are you even using that?  Last night you were trying to break it!

George does some sort of crazy backflip off the karaoke machine.  “The best things in life are free, now that I can…”

Ummm I don’t know whats going on here, and I’m not sure if I want to know.