Chance Andrews – Poll closed

Hi there guys so CeeCee and Calvin are terrible parents.  I really had high hopes for them but the other guests take better care of Liv than they do.  As a result of an incident in the fifth post (written up but yet to be posted) I don’t want them in the game anymore.  But little Liv doesn’t deserve them so I want to leave her in Rose’s care.  Which resulted in me wanting to find a playmate for Liv in Rose’s son (the poll for that has now closed and the son is George’s due to such a big landslide).  So what with two people going and George’s son coming along soon (so him and Liv are aged fairly close together) we have one space to fill up.  It’s not a couple but I have made the space into a guy to give Arya a better chance at being a heartbreaker.  They are all exactly the same (I twined them all) your choice really is just out of the three skin colours I think suits him.