3- A bubble high

“Hey Rose have you seen my impression of CeeCee?”

“No but I have an impression for Snow.”

“Maybe if I smiled more, maybe if I changed my hair colour.  They would be able to find a male lead to stay on set with me.  Oh mirror what should I do?”

Wow you have been having a bad time at work, especially if a mirror is your best friend.

What you up to Rose?

“Just checking in on the site.”


“It’s going really well.  I’m surprised so many people are interested in our lives.”

Well your all interesting and its not like anyone in the building is normal.

“That’s true, take Snow for example.”

Yeah he’s definitely not right. Lets hope he forgets about trying to kill you.

“Yeah that would be good.”

“I don’t even know what I want to do with my night.”

Geez you  sound at a loose end lately.  I know your a snob and all but seriously I think you need a life.

What the? Rose what are you doing in the bar?

“I dropped something.”

And found it in the middle of an object?

“Whats with the third degree?”

You’ve heard of worry right.

She waves, “hey it’s fine,” steps back out of the bar.  “It’s all good now see.”

Will you stop doing things like that please, first your arm then you become one with the bar.

Oh lord your not skinny dipping again are you?

Archer just hums to the radio.

Oh yeah you can’t hear me.

What are you up to?  Who’s he?  Where’s Liv?  Do you just ignore her all day and all night?

How does someone so handsome turn into some insane evil maniac trying to kill the owner of the building you live in?  … Yeah I know you can’t hear me either.

“Come on kid lets get you to bed.”

Arya to the rescue.  Where’s her dad?

Of course you ignore your daughter to play pool.  You hold her, cuddle her and then ignore the diapers and screaming… I really expected more of you.

Rose do you have time to blow bubbles?

“Oh I need a break.  If a guest isn’t trying to kill me then I’ve got Liv screaming in my ear.  You know what with CeeCee and Calvin ignoring her.  Moon is depressing and Archer keeps breaking stuff.”

Oh whilst were talking about that it’s not Archer, its George breaking stuff.

“Don’t be silly he’s harmless.”

I’m not being silly I caught him at it.

“Look at the bubbles.”

Clearly your high now, I’ll try this again another day.

“Do you think I could pop them all?”

Oh boy you have needed a break.

Your daughter is in bed now thanks to Arya you should go find her and thank her.  

I know you can’t hear me but don’t you care about your kid?

I don’t even know why I bother.

“I think I’m a bit tipsy.”

Nah really?

“I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

What on earth!? -Steps away quickly, the poor girl has gone mad with this lot.-

Oh look Snow acting normal, leave Rose alone will you… Please!

“I’ve been tampering with the karaoke machine.”

Sounding all shocked, “What why would you do that?”

“Come on its always on making noise.”

Moon looks at him.  “Your right it’s so loud and Rose is singing that stupid song, that girl can’t sing why does she even try.”

“I’m going to try again later.”

“Good luck.”

Please don’t encourage him Moon.

“I’m going to do it this time.”


“She found the loose wire.  I’ll have to read the manual, there has to be another way to break it.”

“Mmm this food Rose makes is always soo good.”

It won’t be as good if you manage to electrocute either herself or you for that matter when messing about with the karaoke machine.