2- Terrified

Are you ever going to put some clothes on Archer?

“That man has got to put some clothes on near my kid.”

Do you even know where your child is?

“Hey Calvin, have you seen Olivia?” Arya asks from her seat.

“Nope not seen her all day.”

 Hmmmm I expected more of you two and that gorgeous little girl.

You just missed CeeCee, thank goodness although I have to say I never noticed the six pack before, wonders how that’s possible.

 Look at George the first to use the pool table.

“If I get this in the doohicky then I get to put the other in the thingimibob… and whats that contraption there do?”

Your very odd George.

What’s up Rose?

“Archer’s broke the bloody karaoke machine again.  I don’t know what he’s got against this thing.”

Suddenly Rose freaks out, “Why does everything end up broken.”

I don’t know but your arm doesn’t look well there.

“It doesn’t does it.”  Waves it about.  “I wonder if I dislodged it or soemthing.”

Fix it your freaking me out!

She moves her arm a bit more and it goes back to normal.  “There all better, I never thought you would be squeamish.”

No of course not I’m supposed to accept dislodged arms as normal occurrances.

 “Oh shut up already.”

“I am pretty right mirror.  Mirror?  Those studio execs are talking rubbish.  Berry I am ugly, no not Berry I’m not a Berry.  Mirror am I really ugly?  Mirror??  Shut up Moon you stupid…”

-Backs away from the crazy berry.-

“Come on you stupid mouse move to the right.  Yes!  I did it, take that Tony Hawk I own you.”

I see your having fun there Arya.

Look at the adorable little girl, aren’t you cute.  I could just pinch your little cheeks.

Oh ummm…. I only stepped away for a minute… what happened, at least your partially clothed.

Umm George what are you doing?

“Stupid bloody thing always making noise.”

OMG Rose just fixed that, your not seriously breaking it are you?

Saved by you having to go to work.  Where’s Rose I need to tell her about your sabotaging ways she blamed Archer for breaking this.

“You want to do what now?”

“The earth needs a new ruler I reckon I can pull it off.”

What the…?

“You see I pull these eyes and hypnotise everyone into giving me control over their lives.”

“And you think this will allow you to rule over the planet?”

“You don’t understand my genius.”

“Woah chill out Snow.”

“That big blue sky, everything under it will be mine.”

“What do you plan on doing with it?”

What is with everyone today?

“I can’t tell you what I have planned.”

“But you already have.”

The sweet smile changes to an evil grin.  “Oh yeah I have to kill you for that.”

“Whoa there I never asked to hear your big plan I won’t tell.”

It’s been a couple of minutes since Snow said he had to kill Rose and I swear he nearly did it.

“I’m sorry but CeeCee has asked you wear clothes when in the lobby Archer.  Could you at least when she’s about put some clothes on…”


“It’s ok baby the scary Snow won’t scare you.”

“Snow!  What are you… I swear my heart was in my throat .  Are you trying to ….”

Yep certainly seems like he’s trying to kill you.

Snow just laughs but I swear I heard him mumble, “the grim will get you one day.”

Rose burst out crying I think she heard him too and of course Archer not hearing him and getting out of a telling off laughed in Rose’s face.  Poor Rose.