1- Clothes optional?

The beginning of the week is always boring here as everyone heads out to their workplaces.  Which means for me more time for me to clean and for everyone else less time to make themselves look pretty.

Yes because Snow can look prettier?!

“You could be… Shut up.”

When Moon and Calvin got home from work they decided to destroy pillows.

“What more pillow fights I can’t afford all these pillows mental note find a cheaper pillow supplier.”

Its alright cause downstairs CeeCee is teaching Liv to walk which will save you time carrying her around everywhere, go CeeCee 😀  Aren’t they cute together.

“Yes they are, she is, hang on didn’t I told you to shut up already.”

Snow is shouting for food in the diner like the cookie monster.

“The who?  Never mind he can wait till I  clean the puddle in his room, dinner is at 7 he knows that.”

Arya tried to chill out after work with some video games.

Moon however got back from a terrible day on set and went straight to the nectar.

“Hey Moon, can I have one?”

Moon sort of sighed in an exasperated way.  “Fine.”

“You don’t have to be a cow about it.”

“And you could always grab a glass and poor your own.”


“Are you telling me you need 5 glasses of nectar?”

“Your in my seat.”

“I sat down first.”

“So you take my drink and my seat.  Get your pink stinky but out of my seat.”

“Did Rose put your name on it?”

“God why do you have to be such a brat, you’d move for Archer.”

“Where is Archer?”

Moon wanders off at this point not justifying Arya with a response.

“Kids these days huh George.” 

 “Oh you have no idea whipper snapper.”

“I’m no whipper.. Oh never mind you old fool.”

CeeCee however seemed to be having a good day her daughter was able to walk now and if she keeps up the hard work end of the week she should be in line for a promotion.

That is until she saw Archer.  Outraged he was wandering around in a towel with her child so close by she couldn’t not ask him to stay dressed near her child.

“It cool yo the kid and I get on just fine.”

“Regardless please put some clothes on around her.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll ask Rose to insist on a clothes on policy.”

“Whatever I’ll do what I want.”

What would she say if she knew he had been skinny dipping?

“Hey Arya,” pulls silly face.  “Have you seen CeeCee’s eyes bug out?”

Its quite clear at this point Arya is drooling at his chest but snaps out of it long enough to see the silly face.

“Excellent double.”

“Can you believe she asked me to put some clothes on near the kid.”

“What why?”

I can’t be sure but Liv does look a little disturbed there guys.  CeeCee could be right you know.

“Whats wrong with Liv?”  Rose replies to me from the kitchen.  “Does she need a new diaper again?”

No its alright go back to the stove.  We don’t need a fire.

“Stop talking in my ear then when I’m trying to do my work.  All day long yap yap yap.”

I’m just narrating for your site.

“Oh yeah I need to check on that.”

I’m on top of it.

“Thanks… wait huh how?”

Please you don’t have time to update it, don’t try and kid yourself.

Look at cute sad little Liv.  Hey Rose, I don’t think she heard me has she got that silly tabcast going again.  ROSE!

“What, there’s no need to scream.”

Liv woke up from her nap and needs some attention and umm food.

“Here you go Liv dinner time.”

Aren’t you two cute.  Rose I said, stupid tabcast device.  ROSE!

“Shut up I heard you but I have to learn how to fix stuff around this place somehow and the tabcast teaches me how to fix the toilet.  The repair men are costing too much.”

Totally get it -wanders off and shuts up-

-Do I keep this quiet?-

“You stink kid and your mum doesn’t want me near you right now.”

Liv rolls back and forth in a way that says I know I stink mate I’m wafting the smell out hoping someone will change my diaper.

-Poor kid-

-It’s alright though George to the rescue-