Welcome to the Nightingale

Hello there my name is Rose and I run the Nightingale.  I bought the place a couple of years ago from 0ld man Miller.  When I bought the Nightingale she used to be a busy place, full of A list celebrities and the rooms were always full, never mind the fact we had to turn people away.  Nowadays is another matter.  I’ve managed to keep her in the same style as old man Miller but the guests started heading abroad instead of staying home to relax.  I had 10 staff when I started now its just me and if it wasn’t for my current long term guests this beautiful building would have to close down.

So that’s why I’m here, I’m always busy with managing the place that I can’t advertise the place locally.  I practically never leave, so I set up this site and I have the permission of the guests to use anonymous names they chose to tell you more about the day of the life of not just a hotel owner but the regular guests that stay here in hopes of getting more of you interested in staying home instead of going abroad for your holidays.  And you know whilst I’m at it bringing life back to the Nightingale.

You shouldn’t tell them things like that you sound desperate and that picture is definitely desperate.

“Shut up Spider, it’s my hotel my page, I’ll say what I want to about my beautiful home.  I don’t want to lo… Alright I’m desperate.  The picture stays!”  Who is Spider I hear you ask well she’s like my conscience she guides me and annoys me.  She’s like a little spider in my ear telling me to shut up and stuff.

Yeah that’s me a Spider how close you are.

So let me tell you about my guests who have taken up residence here.

Firstly we have Calvin and CeeCee Harris and their darling daughter Olivia (Liv when her parents aren’t around).  Calvin and CeeCee have been here a little while now their home is being “renovated”  what that really means is they are having one built from the ground up and the contractors have been taking their time.  CeeCee is currently on the path to being the next mayor so it would be bad business of me not to have her here and take care of her child whilst she’s at work.  Calvin is training to be an astronaut and all in all they will mean alot to this town lets hope they remember me when they go.

Next up we have Archer Matthews who is hoping to be a rock star and don’t I know it.  He is a rebellious party animal and has probably broken more things than anyone else that has ever stayed, but it never hurts to have a rock star stay with you.

Then we have George Orwell he used to be an author and now works at the bookstore, he is grumpy and such but he’s a sweet old man, just don’t bring any tech near him or he will freak out on you.

Watch out for the cane.

“Oh he stopped using that now, after the last guest…”  He’s harmless honestly.

Yeah yeah.

Arya Parker is staying here to be near Archer really she’s obsessed with finding love and she plans on finding it here with one of the single chaps.  In her working hours she’s a reporter however I get the impression it’s to get close to guys.  She told me her lifetime wish is to have 5 boyfriends so any advantage should help her.  When she’s on air as a news anchor lets hope she remembers where she met these guys first.

Snow Jacobs sets my spider sense a tingling…

Since when do you have spider senses?

“Oh come on you’ve heard of pop culture right, what do you think I’m suddenly Peter Parker?”


“I can feel that, gross.”  Anyway he’s not quite right that one.

-Snaps back to reality- I agree with you he’s not… is he Doc Ock


Come on he’s a baddy in the Spider-man universe.  Pop culture, you started it.

“I don’t read comic books saddo.”

There was a film with him in it, Spider-man 2 it’s on the shelf over there.

“Shut up already.”

-Hmmph- You started it.

“And I’m finishing it.”  Anyway Snow sends the hairs on the back of my neck crawling.  I don’t know what it is about him.

And finally we have Moon Beam who is a budding actress who believes she is already an A lister.  She’s also oddly snobish about berries?!!?  It makes no sense to me after all she looks berry to me.  Maybe she’s just snobish about everything, either way our little actress is staying during filming but they keep re writing the script and she keeps having to stay for another week or two.