Sky Babies

Hey there guys can you believe its been a year since Melody stood at her doorstep and I started writing all these stories.

Melody bringing Rogue her first child home.

  The first berry in my game and Jenna’s dad, father number 3.

  The first time we meet Ed, father number four, who ended up being Jenna’s social worker.

  The first time Melody meets scary Edna, she’s got 5 kids and wants to run for the hills.

Melody’s first grandchild Laura born to Rogue and her husband at the time Antwon.  They later split up and she married one of the Goth boys.

  The fire broke out in the house and took surrounded Eli.

Melody did a mild freak out before putting the flames surrounding Eli out.

Edna came round after the fire to give Melody a piece of her mind and to make it clear Melody was not to harm the building in any way.

  Due to Edna trying to make it difficult for Melody to meet new men Jenna came up with a solution for her mother.  The Valley Donors could help her meet her pregnancy quota.

Edna however seemed to be getting a few people to listen to her mad rants, most notably Scott Sky in the white jacket there, Melody’s first son.

     At the next meeting Edna gave Talia a box to replace for the next donation at the Valley Donors for Melody.

  The box and change in donation resulted in twin ghosts for Melody.  Quinn and Wyatt.  Melody was in the newspaper and everyone started to shun her in town believing anything Edna would tell them.

Scott admitted to his mother that he was helping Edna in a hope to help his mother.  She did not take it well that he was putting himself in danger, especially as Edna was capable or hurting innocent children.

Quite some time later Melody got a call from the Valley Donors that she hadn’t used since the ghost twins, a fire had broken out and we all know who was behind that.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but it was close.

What with the crazy woman being quite for some time Melody got worried and got herself some dogs to help protect her and the family.

      It wasn’t long before Melody met Domino, the first of her family line to meet her but not the last.  Domino came to warn Melody of impending danger.

   The same day Domino warned her a pregnant Melody went out for dog food and Edna stabbed her in the stomach, hoping to end the baby making forever.

     In hospital Melody was visited by Cass an angel sent by Domino.  Melody was healed by Cass and the children were given an aspect of an angel (they got angel wings).

Back at the house Cleo, the dogs and the paparazzi were having a fight.  Things were turning nasty in this town to any Sky’s due to Melody being brought back from the brink of death.

     At this point everything went crazy in the Sky household and we had a long break without them, but when we saw Melody again she was hiding under the name of Kate.  She did go on to tell us how she came to be Kate.

After trying to find new fathers and being turned down Melody decided to take the time whilst Edna was in prison to take the family on holiday to China.

Whilst on holiday Melody did the most unexpected thing she fell in love with Jerome Miller.  A man she never expected to see again and one she couldn’t live with till the curse was lifted but she couldn’t help it she fell in love and let him go.

Melody’s pregnancy from Jerome resulted in 6! children.

       The same day the sextuplets were born Domino turned up to take Melody somewhere and learn more about herself.

        She met Wrath that night and learnt that she was a witch, their conversation went into the morning, and it turned out Melody was a very powerful witch.

Wrath returned to Melody 10 days later to move her to another town with a new look and a new name.  He made it all possible for Melody to get away from Edna.

      It wasn’t long before Edna not only learned that Melody was having more kids, but also had gone on the run with the house, as you can see she’s not pleased.

Wrath turned up from time to time with a new father for Melody, but this only upset her really as the man she wanted in her life was lost to her as she couldn’t communicate with him.  She pleaded with Wrath to find him for her.

Several kids later Wrath turns up at Melody’s back door with his brother and J in tow.

        J promptly proposes which of course Melody says yes to.

Whilst Melody’s father (the ghost) tries to convince them not to get married.  A solution to the different baby daddies is solved with Wrath providing specimens for Melody to get pregnant with making sure Edna can’t tamper with them.

Melody makes J a potion that protects him from the spell surrounding the property so that they can get married and live happily ever after.

     As soon as the toddlers were aged up Melody and J were moved with Wrath’s magical abilities to Harmony where they promptly got married and started their lives as Tia and Stephen Cooper.

Unfortunately this is about where I got to, in game she had triplets after this taking her to 65 children before the baby glitch broke my baby challenges.   I hope to get this fixed and bringing Melody and J’s life back into the blog world to help her get to 100 children.  If I can’t get it fixed then the I may just force my way through this challenge cheating at everything to get the story done but it will be the only baby challenge I resume if I can’t get the glitch fixed.