Missing Me, Missing You

  This story was about twin loss.  Krystal here is trying to ring her sister Kira who is late, her sister has been in an accident.

Ringing her mother was probably the hardest thing to do with no concrete news to give other than get here soon.

Krystal had to tell Lydia about her mother being in a coma, and that she may not pull out of it.

Krystal and Matt, Kira’s ex husband, sat by Kira’s bed all night.  Kira and Matt have several chapters talking about the end of their marriage.

     As morning dawned Kira passed away leaving Krystal alone for the first time in her life.

Matt tried to keep Krystal moving and get her home to Lydia by telling her she would get over it mere hours after her sisters death.  She unleashed a verbal onslaught at him for never understanding Kira.

Krystal couldn’t bring herself to go into her sisters home so she stayed outside with her brother and father.

This story has now been cancelled due to exceptionally low readership but there is more if you would like to hear it that has already been written there are just no photos for it.