Jenna’s Berry Babies

      It was long ago that Jenna stood in front of her new home in Hidden Springs to start her own baby challenge as her mother had before her.

      It wasn’t long before she had triplet daughters to start her off on her challenge to 100 girls.

      It  was when she had her first son she decided to get some dogs for the house, her thoughts were a boy needs a dog.

     So Leah and Benny came home with her.

       A fire broke out when Orla became a teenager, if only Jenna knew then it would become a regular thing.

Jenna struggled to keep her emotions in check sometimes as she thought of her previous love and their ruined relationship.

Soon she had to forget again about her lost love as she got a call from her mother Melody Sky to let her know Domino was on her way to her.

Jenna’s first adoption Amber was brought by Ed coinciding with Domino’s arrival which turned out to be good as Jenna’s spell book and cauldron hadn’t arrived yet so Domino agreed to bless the adoptions to be able to live in Hidden Springs.

Amber soon settled in learning like all previous children that biting the heads off the dolls was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately Jenna was reminded of the town’s issues quickly when Leah aged up quicker than she should have and death came to collect her.

     As the birthdays came along another fire broke out.  Thanks to Jenna and Mia there were no casualties.

After the loss of Leah, Jenna took Cameron out to choose a new pup.  Domino blessed her with a normal life and the house had a new female dog.

Jenna got her first two grandchildren, Sarah, and Connor.

   The next fire caught everyone by surprise.  When Esme herself caught on fire.  Thankfully she ran off and her mother and a firewoman put out the flames.

     At Cameron’s graduation Amber and Leo sneaked back to the house and had a bit of “fun”.  The teenagers had no idea what they had started.

Amber was found to be pregnant and as a result Jenna went mental at Leo, unfounded maybe, it does take two, but it was a tough time to call who was right and who was wrong.

      It turned out that Leo’s twin Esme was the one that brought reason to everyone and helped Amber realise that Leo truly did love her.

Amber saw how much Leo loved her and brought twins Domino and Dominic into the world.

With two children and Amber confessing her love for Leo, he promptly proposed, as you can tell she was ecstatic.

     On the day they aged up to young adults they went to a secluded spot and got married.  Moving out the next day with the twins to their own home.

Jenna now had her magical items needed so before Domino left she blessed Courtney who wished to be a witch.  Domino made her into a witch with less power than the Sky’s but still power.  She told her she would watch her to make sure she used it for good only.

      It wasn’t long before Devlin was born who turned out would be the next in the family line of wtiches and wizards.  His story is on the backburner for now whilst so much is going on and the baby glitch persists.

It was pretty much here that the glitch came about.   This story has been canceled today due to the baby glitch not going away after an uninstall and reinstall.  It turns out its a pets and patch clash glitch.  So Jenna’s story has canceled due to the amount of kids she needs to have and the glitch not being fixed.  If EA ever fix this then I may come back to her as I love this story and will miss them all dearly.