Houston Sky

Houston is a cop on Lunar Lakes, his grandparents crash landed here with the rest of the crew.  He didn’t know it at this point but he’s the last Sky.

 That is until Domino turned up with child asking the biggest favour of Houston.  She wanted him to raise her son and to raise 100 babies to adulthood to bring the Sky name back, as the Sky’s generally do many things that help simkind as a whole, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Domino blessed Houston with the memory of all of his grandparents of old and not aware of it triggered an old gene that hadn’t been present in Houston’s current Sky line for awhile.

Houston also had a “dog” who was actually a tiger named Jae, and well she could talk.

Houston got straight to his task and found the fantastic Constance who not only gave him two children but also legal paperwork that gave him full custody of all the children born.  She was a blessing and helped him out on his task.

Domino gave birth to Pegasus (Peg) whom she blessed with all of her knowledge of her and her own ancestors.  Something that Houston had just had done to him too, so if anyone could understand it was him.

Then before Peg got to really know his mother Death came and took her away.  He was now left for Houston to care for and to be the protector of the new Sky’s.

Constance left Houston with tears in her eyes with two little children, Oberon and Cassiopeia.

  The next mother turned out to be Jewel Leigh and a ghost!

   She happily left the house leaving the “little brats” behind, Jupiter and Thyone.

I did have two other children in the house before we went on a break and the baby glitch came along, Puck and Lyra from Lymerick, Jessu’s sim.  This story has been canceled due to the baby glitch not going away after an uninstall and reinstall.  It turns out its a pets and patch clash glitch.  So being that Houston relies on pets it has be to canceled if I ever hope to be rid of this glitch (removing pets from my computer).  If EA ever fix this then I may come back to him as I love his story and will miss him dearly.