1 Year Anniversary

Hey guys its my (Spiderg1rl) one year anniversary for writing stories with use of the sims.  As such I have created a memory lane page for each story thus far, just hover over the title for this page and each memory lane page should show up.

We of course have some stories that you guys know about that haven’t yet been started and with the baby glitch may not come to be, like Devlin’s magical story, and his daughters (Lyric) quest for answers about who she is.  There is also Echo Coopers tale of her fighting for a little light at the end of the tunnel.

As part of the one year anniversary you can ask myself and anyone in any of our stories any question you please, if it reveals a plot twist or such that I know you guys aren’t aware of I may hint or just not answer it properly at all.  I do hope to go back to the Sky Babies and Devlin’s Legacy (the others as of today are canceled due to the glitch being unresoved so ask away) and as such don’t want to give too much away.

Questions and answers will appear on this page when they have been answered 😀

Questions and Answers 😀

 sErindeppity’s questions:

Melody, was there ever a time you regretted going through with everything you’ve gone through? How did you feel when you got the letter from your deceased dad? Did you ever wish you didn’t have to give birth to a hundred kids?

I did actually once wish I could go back and not have read that first letter and I try not to hate myself for thinking that.  I love my kids too much to take any of them back but I really have been through hell and back.  Of course now I have J and I’m a powerful witch, so I would be stupid to regret any of it when I would never have known had my kids or met J if it wasn’t for dead beat dad.

The first letter scared me, how did he know what was going on?  The second letter freaked me out as much but as time went on they became an annoyance.  I never had a family and I should have wanted to know more about him but I felt more spied on and freaked out in the beginning to ever think yay family.

I do wish it could have been 25 or 50 kids yeah, its all taken a toll on me but then again I wouldn’t take any of the kids back I love them all dearly.
Jerome, you are awesome and wonderful for being willing to stay with Melody despite what she has to do ❤ Did it ever worry you or really scare you, though, about what’s going on with the Sky family? What do you think of Edna?

Thank you thats really nice to say.   I was that in love with Melody in China and then desperate to see her afterwards I never thought much about what was going on in the Sky family more with her.   When Melody went quiet and I had only her last email to read over and over again I worried for her, I wanted to find her, to protect her, but I never really thought about what it could mean for me if I got in the middle of the Sky craziness.  I guess thats something I should start thinking about now.  

I’ve not met Edna and I’ll be honest I hope I never do, she stabbed my wife and for that she will forever be the one above all else I will want to hurt to protect my wife.  If we ever met and she was to get past me, it would be the last I would see of her, as she would have to kill me.
Edna, you’re horrible and I hate you. I have tons of questions but I figure they’ll all tied in with plot points so I will just ask these: why did you knife Melody? Did you really think killing her would be a good way of stopping her? That’s just plain evil there. Does it make you HAPPY to be so evil?

I will not reveal my evil plan, but the statement that you hate me and  I’m horrible was not a question and you best watch yourself Miss sErindeppity, what kind of name is that?  Who puts a capital after the first letter of their name?  Are you one of those “special people”?  I hate special people.  

I put a knife in that  stupid child’s belly to stop her, I didn’t care if it killed her or not but I knew it would put a stop to the baby making.  I do not truly care about the fate of the girl, she is just a stupid child in the wrong place at the wrong time holding me back from what is mine.  Live, die, I really don’t care just as long as she stops doing what she can to take my home.  As for evil, she is not as sweet and innocent as she makes out, that child knows she’s keeping me from my property and that to me is evil.

I AM NOT EVIL!!!  Does it make me happy to see Melody suffer, yes, but that is only cause she stands in my way.  I would not even bother to look at her in the street if it wasn’t for her holding me back.

Quinn, okay seriously, why. Just….. why. Why did you want to be a ghost hunter? I mean… you… and… well… why. o_o

Honestly I don’t know I wanted to be around others like me, I wanted to help them and unfortunately the best way to do that was be a ghost hunter, then maybe I could help them intergrate into normal life, like me and Wyatt did.  I became obsessed with what I was and that guided my life as I grew up telling ghost stories I wanted to meet these possible ghosts I wanted to know there were other ghosts other than me and Wyatt functioning in the world.  I know I probably seemed nuts but it was hard to explain without worrying about being sent to the nut house.

Jenna: Just a quick question even though this challenge is cancelled, I did want to know: how did you feel making the decision to have so many children after knowing your mother would be having just as many?

I’m sorry my challenge has been canceled?  What does that even mean?  Is there more going on than I know, please tell me Edna is not behind this mum has enough trouble with her.

It was a really hard decision to make 100 kids is alot but then again I wouldn’t have to birth them all like mum does.  I get to save kids from a life of abandonment or worse, I can give them love that they wouldn’t have anymore.  My mothers life wasn’t the best and she tried every day to prove she was better than her own parents.  I simply wanted to give kids a better chance in life.  I’d like to think I’ve been successful but this business about my challenge being canceled is going to play on my mind now. 
~the hotel stuff~
Rosie: Is there a guest you like more than another? Is there one you kinda wish would leave? Besides poor Liv’s parents who are thankfully gone, of course.

I like all the guests especially as long as their cheques clear.  After what Moon did to give me a day off I have to say she’s a star.  I wish Archer would quit breaking things though.  

If I did wish any of them to leave it probably would be Snow he creeps me out and that whole thing where he said he was going to kill me after telling me his master plan, that was scary.  

Liv’s parents were the worst, and I’m really scared about having another child in the hotel now, what if I end up running a day care whilst they all ignore their kids?!?!  I’m already busy enough without two kids.

Calvin:  We weren’t horrible parents why would you say that?

CeeCee:  *looks at Calvin* Yeah we were hun.  We were terrible parents to Olivia, she deserved better and considering everything we deserved the deaths we got.

Calvin:  Why would you say that hun?

CeeCee:  I got a better perspective as death told me I would never see Olivia again.  I realised how wrong I had been.  

Calvin:  I guess we could have done better, but I reckon you give it a go and then tell me how bad we were, it’s hard raising a child you know.
Okay now for questions for YOU! What made you want to start writing sim stories? Who’s inspired you in writing, and who are some of your favorite authors? (like, regular books not in sim stories). Who’s your favorite character been to write in anything you’ve written? And this is not a question, but thank you for your wonderful stories and challenges and all the stuff you’ve done ❤ and again, congrats on the anniversary!

I spent quite a bit of time learning how to build houses and figure out what the sims was all about when I first got it.  I found the legacy rules and thought that sounds cool but lost interest in the third generation.  I took a look in the sims forums and found the stories and legacies forum and thought now these sound fun.  I think I realised the missing link was telling a story not just to myself but to anyone who could be bothered to read it.  I guess I wanted to give it a shot, I didn’t know if I would like posting regularly but I wanted to give it a try.  I had been ill for about a month at this point (and still am but am finally on the mend) and in the back of my mind I knew I needed a distraction.  But as time went on the stories became more than a distraction they became part of me I loved them so much, they meant the world to me and I am so glad I took that first step and posted Melody’s intro.  Although I am gutted a year on the games are really badly glitched.

I’ve always written stuff from a very young age I could be found writing something about twins and sisters.  At this time I didn’t have a sister of course so I always assumed it was about writing about something I wanted in life.  I don’t know what ever truly inspired me to write other than the fact I loved and adored books from a very young age, I was reading chapter books well before my parents split up when I was 9, I had even forged my fathers signature when I was 8 to get onto the book club.  I used to go into the library and if someone randomly asked where they could find something in a book I would say look in the glossary or bibliography.  I think books really have always been part of me and writing stories was inevitable.  As it stands I started writing Missing Me, Missing You about 10 years ago and although I need to finish it I really hoped it would get published.  After I got tendinitis I missed not writing anything and was always looking for a new way to write.  I did have a blog on yahoo 360 a long time ago that the team set as a special one and featured it for a year for all to see but the pressure of writing something brilliant for an audience eventually got to me and I gave it up.  I did regret that after awhile.  I guess the short answer is I inspire myself which is weird but I guess true.

Some of my favorite authors are fantasy authors.  I love Trudi Canavan, Kristen Cashore, and Alison Croggon.  I adore the classics too Jane Erye by Bronte is one of my favorite books as well as Pride and Prejudice.  I love the work by Dickens even though its hard to read sometimes.  Mostly if its old works I’ll read anything I’m currently reading 1984 by George Orwell and the second Game of Thrones book.  If its relatively new its probably got vampires or fantasy in it. 

My favorite character to write has probably been Krystal, I love her, she could be me but with this understanding of herself that not many people get in life, that there is another one like her always next to her making her complete.  When it’s torn away from her in a way she’s like everyone else she’s fighting to figure out who she is in a world full of people who don’t know what they want to do most of the time.  I wanted to help her find the understanding she once had again but I knew she never really would.  And that appealed to me in a way more than anyone learning what it is they wanted to do with their lives and achieving it.   Maybe that’s why I could always be found writing about twins as a kid. 

In the sims world I would probably say any of Houston’s family, being so far in the future anything goes and anything that may not make sense suddenly can.  I have adored writing all of my characters though as I try and make them all different and interesting. 

Thank you hun that means a lot from one of my all time favorite sim writers.   I never thought my stories would really get noticed and I’m glad for every reader I have.  Thank you for being such a good friend.


MewMewMentor’s questions:

Edna – Exactly how are you related to Melody? Has it ever occurred to you that you’re sabotaging your own family? Do you even care? What did Mark Sky do to you, if anything?

I am unfortunately that girl’s great aunt.  My older brother fathered Mark Sky.  How I wish I had just ended the line there.  

I am sabotaging nothing they took what is mine, I’m only fighting for that right.

Do I care about the Sky brats, nope they mean nothing too me, other than being in my way of course.

Mark Sky knew I wanted that house just like Melody but he kept it from me, he said no one should have it or live there, so I poisoned him and then he left that girl the house and the idiot that she was she moved in and set about with his ideals.

Mark – Who was Melody’s mom? Did you care about her? Do you wish you could be more a part of your grandkids’ lives?

Melody’s mum was the love of my life, I loved her so much, but when she found out she was with child the curse struck, she blamed me for being pregnant, she didn’t want the baby and never wanted to be part of her life.  I wish I could have had a different life for her, if her mother had been interested in her she could have raised her but as I’ve said before I would not raise her in that house and near that evil aunt of hers.  In short Melody’s mum doesn’t want to be discovered and as such I respect her wishes even if I don’t agree with them.

I do wish I could be a bigger part of my grand kids lives  but I think Jerome and Melody have made it clear I’ve only brought her more hardships than love and I guess they are right.  Being dead though and unable to be seen I don’t think that will ever happen really.  But yes I would love to be  a part of their lives I love kids and if it wasn’t for the life Melody would have been raised in I would have raised her.  Maybe she will understand the sacrifices I made one day.

Melody – Would you ever want to go back to your old look, assuming Edna gets caught? If you could go to anywhere in the real world to hide from Edna, where would you pick? What’s your favorite thing about being a mother? If you could pick one kid to take care of you in your old age, who would it be?

I quite like my current hair colour, but I would go back to my old longer braid, I miss it, and I miss my old blue clothes I love blue and being me really.  I look forward to the day I can be called Melody Sky in public again.

I don’t know what this real world is that you speak of, but if I could go anywhere here and hide from Edna regardless of the place I would probably go back to China with J and the kids and we could all have a normal life away from this craziness.

My favorite thing is the giggles, hearing my kids laugh for the first time is the happiest sweetest noise I can hear, and generally hearing the kids laugh and play around the house fills me with joy.

Now that is a hard one, there is a reason why a mother never chooses a favorite child and mostly its cause you love them all.  I’m sorry I really can’t answer this question as I don’t know I love all my kids I would probably just end up in a home.

J – Why Melody? Why not some girl without all this baggage?

I don’t know what it is about Melody but I just know she is the one I am supposed to be with, its a gut feeling.  Now I know her I couldn’t be without her in my life.  As for why not some girl without all this baggage, a good question but I really don’t think my life would ever be the same without her in it.  I could have found love with another girl but it would never be the kind of love I feel for Mel, she completes me.

Jenna and Houston – What will you do now that you are officially not having 100 kids?

Jenna:  I don’t know why you guys keep going on about my challenge being over I’m still adopting and birthing girls for the town.  Nothing has changed for me.

Houston: I am so very upset and miserable about not bringing back the Sky line after Domino asked me but some things have to be stopped for the betterment of others.

Spider:  Ok in the Sky universe Jenna will complete her challenge as Houston and the rest of the generations will see it Jenna will complete her objective she simply won’t do so in the blog due to the glitch that neither of us can fix so neither of our faults.  Houston however has to stop as the children the women were bearing for him after the first four were still borns, he did manage to have another set of twins but then after that another 5 women gave him still borns.  With Pegasus’s permission Houston puts a stop to his baby making and each of his kids are to have 4 kids each, they in turn will have 4 kids each reaching 96 kids and so forth for as long as possible repopulating the Sky line.  It will just take a little longer.  This is all expressed in the Sky Legacy beginning chapters when I get them written up.

Just for Jenna – Sorry you couldn’t be at Cameron’s wedding in my universe/game. I was too lazy and just wanted it to happen already. You’ve got two beautiful grandkids from Cameron named Cindy and Hagrid – Yes, I know, Hagrid is an odd name, but you get used to it. Do you still miss Cosmo?

Cameron got married!!!  I have grand children!!!!  I love the name Hagrid, mental note name a future son Hagrid, could you please tell my son to call me for an update on his life once in a while please.

I do still miss Cosmo but he made his choice and I made mine, I don’t regret it, I just wish he understood really.

Spider:  In Jenna’s future she was going to have an adopted child that was part imaginary friend.  She was going to cry and be upset at first but the child was going to be the one that helps her eventually see that not all imaginary friends are bad and that its just her resentment at Cosmo for not choosing her.

Spider:  She was also going to meet a man, pictured below I can’t remember what I named him as I created him before the break, they were going to date and he was going to near enough flat out refuse to have a child with her instead being a male person in her life who hoped to treat her like the lady she was.  The other guys were good to her, but this guy see’s her as a woman who is being used as a breeding machine and he wants to give her a breather and just make her generally happy whilst she works so hard for the town.

 Just for Houston – Would you ever consider dating and marrying Constance? You two seem pretty sweet together and I bet she’d love to have more of your kids. :3 

Actually ummm look at the picture below.

I proposed and she said yes!  We are married now and are raising my 6 children together.

Spider: Hey hun, so yeah I’m starting a legacy with Thyone (Houston’s ghost daughter) you can read it here, I’m working on it now so theres next to nothing there now.  There will be alot of explanations as to why Houston stopped his challenge, how Constance is the best person Houston ever met and the best mother Thyone and her siblings could ever have.  Thyone’s mother and half sister will be in the story too, but she’s going to hate Thyone for having a loving family and not being normal.  I would put the wedding pic here but I haven’t taken them yet but I’ve chosen Constance’s dress so I just have to take the pics now.

Spider – If you could pick one of Melody’s kids to meet in real-life, who would you pick and why? What would you do with them?

Now that is an interesting and hard question.  I always loved Molly I just wanted to hug her after the fire and the confrontation with Edna she’s such a strong girl I think I would choose her.  I would take her to the movies to see the Avengers and basically show her all the things they don’t have in the sim world although they do have the cinema they don’t have such cool and interesting things as we do here.  Hard question but a good one 😀 


 Journey G’s question

Jenna, out of all the brothers and sisters you have did none of them bight the heads off of the men dolls in the dollhouse? How did it come to be Orla’s legacy?

Jenna:  I don’t recall any of them biting the heads off dolls but mum did call shortly after Orla started and she said her new children were doing it.  We’re both sure none of us did it before.  I think Orla used magic to make it so all the kids after her knew about the biting off of the dolls heads.  Whenever I ask her though she says nothing. 

 Orla:  Of course I didn’t use magic mother but I may have left subliminal messaging in the house *Orla looks all sneaky* even with your powers you’ll never find it. 

Jenna:  How were you ever my child?

Orla: We can’t all be perfect mother.  *Orla smiles sweetly at her mum*

Jenna:  Does that mean Iain is difficult for you?

Orla: *looks confused* How did you, no, don’t be silly, he’s a genius

Jenna: Yeah I’ve heard all that before *hugs her daughter* there there hun, they can’t all be perfect. 

Constance, when you first met Houston did you ever think “wow this guy is nuts asking me to have his kids out of the blue?” Was it really that easy of a decision to have his kids?

I’ll admit it’s not your normal request especially with the people who settled here, but I’m a native and I’ve never minded kids.  I actually had hoped for children one day but the settlers were not keen on them and my family thought for me to have children I had to marry someone they chose.  I didn’t like that option.  But Houston was so sweet and lets be honest hot I was more surprised that a settler was interested in kids and decided to go along with it.

The hardest part was when he told me he had to be the one to raise them, leaving them behind broke my heart and the only thing that ever helped was when I was able to come visit.  I don’t regret it though not considering we’re about to be married.
Oberon, you are one of my favorite Skys. Did you ever get use to having your new brothers and sisters around?

I hated it at first you saw how I was with Jupiter and Thyone but as time went on and dad struggled to have more children I realised how important it was to him.  I didn’t realise he had been requested to have them but I knew it was important.  He eventually got Puck and Lyra and although I hated that there were more kids stealing my dad away from me I understood and he treats us all equally so I can’t really argue.  I mean come on I was a baby, I never knew I would get such great friends or meet the girl of my dreams.

I have to ask, Noah are you still dancing?

Dancing me, well DUH!!! I can’t not dance it’s in my blood I swear my dad in his youth was a professional dancer.

Ok that is everything now. But I too must say that Spider I’m glad that you started writing sim stories. Hope you enjoyed your first year of it. And I hope the second year will soon bring better days without so many game bugs. And hopefully less evil from Edna. 

Thank you, I have enjoyed it and I certainly hope the second year has less bugs but just as fun if not more so, bring on Sims Supernatural.


 LianaWalter’s questions:

 For Melody :

First off, I just want to say how much I loved reading about you and your wonderful family. And I have to commend you and Jerome for staying together despite everything you’ve been through. Anyway here’s my questions for you; Did you ever, even once, consider giving up and letting Edna have the house? Have you ever had trouble picking out a name for one (or more) of your children?

Thank you my story has done much better than I ever thought it would but then again I have become alot more than I ever thought I would.  Thank you again me and Jerome were just meant to be that I have no doubt about now I have him here beside me.

I did consider it when I first met her I thought have the house you crazy old fool but then I met Laura (my first granddaughter) and I knew I had to keep going.  She in that moment of helplessness was my inspiration.  Now she just terrifies me too much to what she plans to do with it to even consider that as an option anymore, with my magic powers I may be able to break this curse and if she still wants it then she can have it, but somehow I don’t think she will.

It is hard picking names for your kids to all be unique and different but then I look into their eyes as I hold them for the first time and I know who they are and what they should be called.  Lets call it a mothers intuition.  I really think I’ve been made for being a mother its who I am.

For Jerome :
Do you think you and Melody will have more kids together after the challenge ends?

I don’t know that’s up to her but she did mention it once that some point after she’s had the other children she will bear mine again and then I can help raise my own children.  I’d like that but these little ones are great and I will struggle to not think of them as my own now I’ve helped her raise a few.

And this one is for the amazing author :
Have you ever been tempted to quit the challenge prematurely? I mean making 100 babies with different dads is a huge undertaking and so many good stories end before they get as far as you have. How have you kept going all this time?

Anyway, I LOVE your stories and I hope things work out for you in the future with your game.
May the great Plumbob be with you.

I don’t know about amazing but I really do thank you for the kind words. 

I never faltered in my goal to do Melody’s challenge but having three after awhile I started to feel it.  Thing is I loved them too much and didn’t want to not only let a single one go but not upset you readers so it only recently entered my mind as I started to have serious issues.  I have unfortunately canceled both Jenna and Houston’s stories and plan on trying to finish Melody’s even with the baby glitch after Supernatural comes out int he hopes the patch not only fixes stuff but that I can make Melody a better witch for her goal of breaking the curse.  

Keeping going has been tough sometimes however saying that I come up with subplot or Edna’s evil posts and I’m totally into it again.  Edna’s stabbing post was long planned but once I had Domino in game I was so excited I had all the pieces set and i swear I took like 10 pics of the stabbing image and about 30 of the angel pics.  For Amber and Leo’s teen pregnancy in Jenna’s game that was based on their interactions but as once it was decided on actually doing it and getting it right were the parts that kept me going.  I guess for me its the drama of it all, I love it, I love to write interesting plot points and as much of a pain as  it is to train the toddlers all the time I can’t help but still love each and every one of them as I really do adore toddlers in the Sims 3 so I find the baby challenges are the best for me.  You should check out the legacy I have just started though for Houston’s family.  The first gen is his ghost daughter Thyone.

I too hope my game cooperates I’ve just spent the last two days trying to fix it from constant crashing I hope thats the end of my problems this year cause that really is enough now.