19- You gotta love the kids

“So mirror last night was the most incredible night of my life.” You did have a very odd night indeed. “Aww my little boy I love you.” He is adorable but he should… Continue reading

18- The unlikely couple

“I hear you go back tomorrow.” “Yeah our two days are nearly over.” Do I get a hint that your happy about that Archer, no more competition? So Rose how you getting on?… Continue reading

17- Caught in the act

Ummm Santi please look behind you. “I’m so going to get him, this will be the best scare in the world.” Oh boy, Santi please turn around. “What are you doing with my… Continue reading

16- Friends or Enemies?

Harper you are just too cute. “I always put the line in the wrong place, look at that big blue like going through the butterfly.” Painting again I see Chance.  It does look… Continue reading

15- Groundhog Repo

“Welcome to the Nightingale Marin & Santiago Young.  I hope you’ll like it here.” “Thank you Miss Sky.” “I understand your here for two days.” “Yes we finally got our honeymoon.” “Congratulations, well… Continue reading

14- Karaoke night

“I think we should sing a duet.” Snow laughs, “A duet what all lovey dovey?” “What’s wrong with that?” “What like Sonny and Cher, all I’ve got you babe.” They start singing, I’ve… Continue reading

Spider’s One Year Anniversary

Hey guys, it’s my one year anniversary since I started the Sky Babies on the 11th of June.  I know it’s gone quick hasn’t it.  I have an anniversary page here (which is… Continue reading

13- A visitor from the beyond

I certainly hope you don’t break this computer Archer.  People are worried about your health! “Come on faster, faster, faster!” I know you can’t hear me but please don’t break anything for awhile.… Continue reading

12- Chance moves in

“I need to drink my sorrows away, my dreams of the two men in my life are being ruined today when he goes back.” He was always going to go back, however a… Continue reading

11- A quiet easy day

“So I kissed Archer and Robert…  Guys are cool with girls sharing them right?” Oh you poor girl, Robert goes home tomorrow plus you really should tell Archer you want to share him… Continue reading